They are blaming Trump for everything as if it was he and not the city leaders and activists who caused the mayhem.

The RINOs and establishment plantation conservatives are silent.

It is all being portrayed as Trump inspired racial violence and the GOP Congress is not fighting back for our GOP President

What good are they if that is how they stand when the chips are down?

People get in too much of a rush to support these guys before they are tested by fire.

GOP plantation conservatives and RINO partners from the party incubator always cower from calling out the true manipulators of the left.

Not one is loudly asking why evidence shows violence was planned as soon as the first demonstration permit was given.

Or why city leaders called in opposition which showed up as violent out of town agitators.

Sessions better get the FBI arresting Dem leaders and Antifa etc organizers for inciting riots. That used to be a crime.

The civil rights of free citizens to expect domestic tranquility are under organized attack. It is the job of federal government to contain the cross state crime networks.

Do the job now Jeff Sessions or step down. Promises and hope are not job qualifications for our AG.

The years of organized violence with multi state financing and transportation warrants a RICO case.

The silence from the right is deafening. Where is the press conference of united House and Senate Republicans condemning the acts of violent leftists? Where are those uniting behind our President and calling for immediate arrests and prosecutions to end this attempt at violent dysfunction of our system?

Democrats would rally to support their President and did so many times.

The GOP left and their plantation conservative buddies are deathly silent.

They are hoping it further damages Trump– our President they could not prevent.

I have seen McCain, Cruz, Graham and Rand quickly step forth with hastily arranged press conferences when attacking our Trump agenda. Did they now forget how to do it again?

No. Anything that tangles up Trump is fine with them.

The same GOP plantation conservatives and RINOs who failed to support the Bundy ranch victims now fail to call out the true leaders of organized violence.

The same GOP who ignored textbook acts treason which should have removed Obama from office now ignore more crime and refuse to back Trump.

As if lying about repeal for 7 years was not bad enough.

This is another case of organized crime given a pass by the GOP leaders.

The same GOP officials who refuse to go after Soros now sit quietly on their crony stuffed wallets. Meanwhile, Soros team players make our South unsafe and rapidly escalate the snowballing effects of the incendiary violence they seek to take to more cities and historic landmarks.

We actually have socialist agitators deciding which historical monuments we can or cannot have while the typical camera hog GOP grandstanders hide away.

Democrats and Republicans alike are solidly in their respective swamp positions preferring violent rebellions over any unified show of support for our President and rule of law.

Repeal and Replace Congress!

I know of only one Congressman who has been outspoken about all of this. Mike Kelly in Pennsylvania. The rest need to be replaced.

Gut the Administration of any silent party loyalists not uniting behind this President serving by the will and consent of free citizens.

We want the deep state corruption investigations and convictions they all hope a failed Trump cannot achieve without them.

They want us distracted by staged riots blamed on the wrong people.

Constitutional Patriots only want justice and the functional government that is our national birthright.

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