Politically incorrect truth:

Thank God we have a growing number of Constitutional Patriots who have are actually awake. They do not share the conservative illusion that having Trump and a GOP Congress means we took back America.
Conpats were never fooled into thinking the Democrat socialist lunatics were defeated, weakened or in dysfunctional chaos. They are not.

They are not the stupid lazy whiners conservatives have been duped into thinking they are. My warnings were correct. Instead of gloating over GOP wins, conservatives should have been preparing for battle to capitalize on the situation. Dems are down, far from out.

Conpats. Democrat socialists are evil but far from stupid. They have internal leadership struggles, but should not be construed as a defeated opponent, they are more like a wounded bear. Don’t forget these nutcases are the same crowd who almost destroyed America by feeding conservative their own butts for decades. As issue after issue fell in favor of advancing liberal socialism every win for them was a failure and loss for conservatives who still can’t grasp what their enemy is or organize the slightest bit of effective resistance.

Remember this if you learn anything from watching history since the 60’s and current events: The liberal socialists are nuts, but very determined, organized extremely well and led by brilliant strategists adept at pushing their agenda. Their braindead minions often think the world owes them a living but plenty are willing to show up when and where it counts to fight for their ludicrous beliefs.

Conservatives may have the right social values but when it comes to activism they are absent on the scene as they continue Angry Couch Commando mode waiting for the GOP and governments they don’t trust to fix damage they created. Conservatives mock liberal /socialists for acting like they are owed a living. Meanwhile, they work to take care of their own life and goals but not the greater good or future of their family’s nation. Conservatives are transparent. They think they are owed a free constitutional republic someone else should provide so they can stay home, whine or cheer. They refuse to acknowledge the basic American principles they hope to gain from are blessings established by activists of our past which must be actively defended and reestablished by each passing generation that hopes to share those blessings.

Our ranks of Constitutional Patriots are growing because those who are awake and honest realize conservatives will never win battles they never show up for. Our God-given rights protected by our Founders through our Constitution are not merely tools for nuts to use while dismantling America. They were SUPPOSED to be the tools Patriots use to protect and defend every generation of patriotic Americans

That is what Conpats are all about. This post, our Facebook group, our website and our growing support are all about this. People who are awake and willing have no home among the do-nothing conservatives.

Trump gives us an opportunity for leadership, success demands we rise to actively support his efforts. He needs help, not cheerleaders in the bleachers. Watch our site and group as we roll out easy steps for safe, effective activism. It is our time, our duty. That is what it means to be a Constitutional Patriot.

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