Here are some reasons we left conservatism to help promote the growing Constitutional Patriot movement.

Yesterday we published an article about why and how liberal/socialists organize and protest while conservatives make excuses.
Conservatives got mad and replied reciting their long practiced list of excuses.

They said they never have time because they work.

Really? 24/7? How come they had plenty of time during Tea Party rally days before they surrendered?

If they have no time to walk their talk and use their constitutional rights it is because of priorities, not time or jobs.

Did they plan so they could use the 3 day holiday we just had for patriotism? No. They played and partied.

Do they not have time to vote?

No time to go out for dinner or to see a movie?

Are conservatives not able to golf, hunt, fish watch a game on TV or attend a BBQ?

If a conservative has a child or grandchild who is in a school play or dance recital they must never be able to attend…..they have zero time because they have jobs and evidently not one is unemployed and they all work 24/7 with no days off.

None have hobbies like crafts, gardening, car shows, dining out, boating, travel. All are too busy working.

I guess they are soooo busy 24/7 if a relative needs help moving or needs a ride somewhere they can’t take a few hours to do it.

They cannot go to weddings, birthday parties or county fairs.

Sure they have time to sit in Facebook but since they work they cannot use that time to help organize action or find local people to help them.

The terrible fate of being conservatives. They all work 24/7, have zero personal time they can use a few hours from to walk their talk and help to save the nation their children and grandchildren will inherit. It just is not humanly possible and they are not able to do a thing, not like they did in Tea Party days.

Or maybe they just threw in the towel and are now in full surrender.

This is no time to quit on our country, we owe it to those who sacrificed for us and those who will follow. It is our time, our duty to act.

Join with us as Constitutional Patriots if you cannot surrender with conservatives. Info is at our website and we can help establish local chapters.

This is no time for surrender. Let’s use our Constitutional rights because our kids are counting on us.

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