Our Constitutional Patriots organization advises caution before supporting the many doctors now entering political races.

For decades too many Americans have not held doctors to the same level of scrituny as other professionals. How often do we see people blindly follow doctors orders without due dilligence?

The title of Doctor somehow seems to elicit a an impression of infallibility to many. This opinion has no place in medicine or politics.

The nature of the medical profession can make doctors a horrible choice as a seated government official.

One reason so many opt for political runs is the confidence showered upon them in their field leads them to feel supremely qualified to address any and all issues. The reality is they function in a very limited and highly structured environment.

Launching a campaign requires an early influx of cash which both doctors and lawyers can access through their networks of well heeled friends.

When you look at the real business and management experience of doctors you can easily see how limited it is.

In private practice, their business world is highly regulated and all operate by the same basic model. They step into a system already structured and are paid by insurers. They do not share the business building experience of other private business owners.

The higher ranked elite doctors from specialized medicine have even less real business experience.

They do not lease their buildings, manage staffers in multiple positions or manage the broad budget requirements.

Everything they work with from staffing to budgets and personnel management is orchestrated in a tightly controlled environment with a Board of Directors at the top.

How does this very limited world of controlled functions prepare one to be a competent leader charged with making decisions on all that work in government leadership addresses?

I am personally very cautious about vetting doctors with political aspirations. Our Constitutional Patriot organization has never endorsed one for the reasons stated here.

Because of their lifelong experience of following the lead of the larger system they are part of doctors are very susceptible to influence by establishment input.

That is exactly what we are trying to remove from our system.

Think twice before getting on the bandwagon of a doctor running for any political office.

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