The only reason we have a political swamp is because citizens fund it.

I hear people say they have to fund the two entrenched parties because they have all the power.

That is brainwashing, not logic.

No political party has power. They only borrow the power citizens give them with support, funds, volunteering and votes.

We now have state and federal governments that ignore us refusing their duty to represent us, our laws and Constitution. Donations keep funding the officials who do so.

A lot of people are now smart enough to not give to parties, they give to candidates. But far too often they give directly to the one or two swamp candidates media and campagns have fooled them with.

Congress has a reelection rate over 90% and an approval rate of 7%. That tells us all the money is behind candidates few want. Giving money to issue PACs and SuperPacs pays for much of it.

People think they give to a good cause while never realizing or researching who their cash winds up supporting.

Stay away from those PACs and foundations.

Find non-swamp candidates from the real world and donate directly to their campaign warchests or you don’t know where your own money winds up.

From your wallet to their warchest. Bypass all the middlemen and agenda driven groups who serve their own purposes.

The swamp is real and money is what they swim in. Stop giving to those who fund the swamp and it dries up while the swamp rats are replaced.

Citizens will never control elections until they realize they control most of the funding. They are getting just what they pay for.

Great new candidates are upstarts without swamp connections. They usually lose because they lack funding and thus we have officials who seem impossible to defeat.

This is nuts and needs to stop.

Find the new challengers with the right positions and donate directly from your wallet to their warchest.

Conpats are going to work to demonstrate this strategy in Florida. The Governor is term limited out and primaries will be intense. The swamp is going to back their guy but they have a problem, donations are down 50%. They are vulnerable and Florida is a major power state.

We have a Constitutional Patriot candidate there as a Trump style Republican outsider and the Conpat team is jumping in to fund him wallet to warchest.

Bruce Nathan is the man and he’s too honest and strong willed for a major party to back. I know Bruce, he won’t change or soften to get party support. He wants to reestablish states rights while kicking feds out of Florida and back to their constitutional limits. We all know the parties won’t accept that so Conpats are uniting with him to fund his campaign from the People. Wallets to Warchest.

Who does your state have? Will your swamp rats win 2018 midterms? Will swamp money overrule the will of citizens?

If you have a state or federal candidate who is a strong outsider let us know. We can help them with Wallet to Warchest funding too. We must starve the funding stream of special interest donation groups who protect cronies and sellouts in office. We must starve the parties.

If America is to survive voters must put their money where their hearts are far away from the swamp rat hatchlings groomed in party incubators.

Find the outsiders, volunteer if you can but most of all, donate Wallet to Warchest.

Starve the party swamp.

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