Like him or not, you cannot deny that Donald Trump is certainly a different type of Presidential candidate. The likes of whom we have not seen since Reagan and in many ways, one we have never seen before.

First off, you can sure tell Trump is no REAL GOP conservative. He actually fights back. Something that went of out of the old GOP and conservative guard well over a generation ago. Today, they are little more then enablers of the Party Cabal, meekly posing as an “opposition” party. They would rather make sure their positions, pensions, wallets and committee positions are secure, rather than risk any of one these things by actually standing for the things they got elected on and promised in the first place.

Trump, on the other hand, goes for the jugular. He goes right into Democrat strongholds, such as the inner city and openly and convincingly courts the black vote. As well as appealing to the legal Lainto vote. These are voting blocs that the idiot conservative candidates surrendered to the Democrats long ago. They just write them off and hope for that their votes will come from Talk Radio and Think Tank donating sheep. Trump, on other hand, is showing how you take the fight to the battleground, and putting your opposition on the defensive. Something that has not been seen in the GOP in ages. The GOP has been playing defense for so long, they see no other way to campaign or respond to any all attacks on them. Real or perceived.

When losing becomes a time after time reality, it becomes not just a habit, but something that is both expected and planned for. And Trump plowing right ahead, without any of that baggage, upsets a lot of applecarts and a lot of easy money schemes. That is the real reason he is being attacked non-stop by all sides. There is simply too much at stake, money-wise, power-wise and socially engineering-wise, to let some outsider start the process of shutting it down.

Trump is also a master at playing the media like a Stradivarius. He drops bread crumbs all over the place and the press just gobbles it up, like Michael Moore at the local supermarket’s Free Sample table. The media’s obsession with him has given him more free press than any other candidate in memory. As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity. And he has received that publicity in spades.

Also, if there is one thing that Trump and Sanders as well, have shown, it is the utter corruption of the Party Structure on both sides. The GOP ran 16 Party Machine candidates and Trump steamrolled over all of them, while hardly breaking a sweat. Of course, Sanders and the WikiLeaks landslide have exposed the Dems as so thoroughly corrupt, that the likes Goebbels and Idi Amin would go green with envy and probably are in their coffins. In the end, this is the real Sleeping Giant that has awakened.

Capt. Kirk once said, “In every revolution, there is one man with a vision.” I am not 100% sure if Trump is that man. But, considering how large of a crowd he pulls, rally after rally, from all sides of the political spectrum, the Elites have damn good reason to be very, VERY worried.

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