Sessions is talking about shutting down state efforts to legalize pot.

From the beginning I have said 2018 midterms are serious trouble for Trump.

The unified GOP/Dem deep state establishment intends to grab Congress so Trump is done advancing his agenda.

Sessions is the tool and his marijuana battle is perfectly calculated to ensure the GOP suffers enough midterm damage to stop Trump in his tracks.

The old adage, “choose your battles wisely” is at play here and this battle was chosen now for the damage it will bring to Trump.

Divide and conquer always works, nothing will do more to divide GOP factions than a year long battle over states rights and the pot issue is the perfect vehicle for doing just that.

We have to examine all the points not discussed by media and politicians.

States long in surrender to the federal trough have now discovered a lucrative trough that didn’t come from DC. Legal pot cash cows. The taxes, jobs and production benefits backed by lobbyists bringing cash to state campaigns is irresistible.

The states suddenly care about states rights again when it looks like that can pay off. Even if it means embracing pot.

Keep in mind we still have no official statement from Trump declaring where he stands on the marijuana issues.

Sessions and his establishment cronies are well aware the old guard “conservatives” hate pot and still believe the old propaganda that it is a gateway drug that creates zombies out of unsuspecting users.

Nothing is ever going to wake those people up from a lifetime of indoctrination. Most of them never even tried pot but consider themselves experts on its use, distribution and effects.

These old Republicans will gladly become single issue voters and lose Congress in 2018 while proclaiming self righteous indignation against the scourge of Devil Weed.

They are perfectly groomed to destroy the patriotic progress and victories they think they are supporting.

A lot of patriotic baby boomers are tired of seeing billions thrown away fighting pot distribution while it has always remained widely available. They are Trump voters tired of seeing law enforcement wasting money fighting pot and fining or jailing users as alcoholic judges and officials penalize pot users.

They want a sensible solution to replace failed policies.

As with any mind-altering substance, abuse of pot can rob people of ambitions and potential but it is here to stay.

A national discussion is necessary to provide a solution America can live with but the politics of hysteria and emotion are what is coming, not common sense.

The establishment is going to seize this issue to divide patriotic voters prior to midterms and a lot of voters are going to fall for it.

Whoever is behind the deep state curtain advising Sessions to act now has planned well. This is why an establishment puppet like Sessions should not be kept around, they undermine the President.

Trump needs to get ahead of this pot issue before the plan for dividing his base succeeds.

States should have a right to decide for themselves but interstate distribution, insurance and liability issues demand federal attention.

We hired Trump to handle big problems. He better handle this one quickly before his opposition uses it to retake Congress.

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