Obama- did he just indicate Biden is entering the race? An obvious move to please the huge military contractor donor coalition the day after Obama publicly slapped Hillary twice is no accident.

Sorry Obama. Soldiers lives matter and there isn’t one damned thing about Afghanistan worth another dead or maimed soldier, the heartbreak of a military family or one more of our kid’s future dollars. I don’t care about Afghanistan or you getting dibs on the donor dollars you and the GOP scrap over.

So the “Tollybon” still has a presence. Time has proven they always will. We have our own troubles and there is a reason Afghanistan has long been called the Graveyard of Empires. Your buddy Putin lives next door. Let him have it instead of giving him Syria so he can control oil and build a Mediteranean naval base to threaten NATO.

Get our soldiers the hell out of Afghanistan. Let Biden find a new donor stream.

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