Notice how NOT ONE liberal or conservative politician or pundit is running their mouth offering solutions for the North Korea/China mess they created?

I hope America learns from this.

For 7 years Constitutional Patriots tried to get conservatives to support our Constitution and help force Obama out of office. They responded with blindness telling us, “Don’t worry. We will get a GOP Congress and President and they will undo Obama.”

They did not have the common sense and foresight to comprehend problems like growth of terror movements and capabilities of a rogue like Kim are not things that just go away.

I am so tired of these types of conservative failures and excuses.

Conpats were right all along. Conservatives should have stood by our Constitution, but now we have a huge mess to fix while their GOP Congress battles the Constitutional Patriot President elected by the will of the People.

There is no good solution for the Nork problem China wants and needs to keep escalating.

And never forget the conservatives and liberals who allowed the mess are nowhere to be seen now that it has grown to threaten global peace.

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