All these sex scandals are not as complicated as portrayed.

I ran some big companies and this stuff will come up; just as every other possible problem does.

Groping is way over the top. Period. No one is a weak victim forced to tolerate it.

If you would not tolerate being slapped or screamed at why tolerate being groped?

Anyone staying in such a situation is the perfect target and empowers the offender. Staying silent does the same.

As for comments…each situation is different but again, tolerating it escalates the behavior. No one is forced to stay in a workplace with these or any other acts you can’t live with.

A lot of women invite or contribute to the overtly sexual atmosphere of a workplace.

This is not strictly a man-based problem.

There are unlimited classes of “offensive” behavior and comments. Having to constantly hear a co-worker shove their religion or politics down your throat is offensive too. The same goes for them whining constantly about anything and everything.

If you can’t tolerate the environment change it or leave it. That is just life and everyone has different sensibilities and limits.

This is just one more facet of dealing with life in an imperfect world.

When boys and girls are mixed in a workplace they are going to act like boys and girls. Not everyone has the same limits.

Establish your own and stand up for yourself. Society can never create a one size fits all solution for this.

Like it or not there are things in life you won’t like and will have to settle according to your own standards and actions.


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