American patriots need to have a serious discussion about ending the problem of paid professional lobbyists.

Just a few decades ago “influence peddling” was a crime that could land the guilty in prison. Today it is business as usual.

There are now more than 16,000 registered lobbyists in DC working to guide the actions of our 535 members of Congress. Many of these registered names have large, well funded staffs working under them.

These numbers demonstrate an army of people making careers out of coercing our government to operate for the advantage of those who pay for access denied to most voters.

The power they wield with cash and favors is now equivalent to a 4th branch of government. To gain this power of input and influence they had to replace the voice of the citizens. This is why Congress doesn’t listen to us, an army of lobbyists has gained unconstitutional power to replace our impact.

Constitutional Patriots do not accept this. We believe professional paid lobbying should be outlawed. No one should have lobbyist as a job description or career.

The act of lobbying is necessary and justified. We have a right to speak to our representatives. No one has a right to displace us.

Lobby organizations can produce volunteers if their cause is worthy and beneficial to the public instead of a wealthy client with personal motives.

When congressmen are working on legislation their input should come from us.

Professional lobbyists should not be crafting bills with hidden agendas or tricky wording constructed by lawyers to favor insiders.

Professional lobbyists are the face and frontline of government for sale.

The liberal/conservative coalition of corruption enjoys the benefits of this dirty process. Conpats see it for the organized crime network it really is.

Constitutional Patriots demand an end to the existence of paid professional lobbyists in all levels of government.

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