Drug testing welfare recipients is an issue again.

Many taxpayers are drug tested for the jobs which fund the benefits. Recipients should be.

Lets’s be honest; state and federal governments are far beyond helping the truly needy. They are subsidizing nationwide crime syndicates called street gangs. No business group in America gets more steady government assistance that street thugs and drug dealers whether in a gang or not.

Housing is often covered, rent and utilities paid. Food and medical- paid.

Government crime enclaves called the Projects, Model Cities, Urban Zones etc are often so dangerous police cannot go there without a battle team for protection.

These housing areas are awash in drug activity and serve as the centers for nationwide trafficking. Prostitution, theft, assaults and more are all favorite pasttimes of those free from needing to work to survive. All imposes cost and damage burdens on society.

Then competing drug distributors shoot each other up and go to hospitals for the best of care at taxpayer expense.

They breed indiscriminantly and guess who pays for the babies from pre-natal care until adulthood? We do. Then they move into more government housing and suck up benefits while dropping new litters of next generation street criminals.

Few break free from the cycle, they have no role models to guide them.

But we cannot drug test them before being forced to fund them?

Subsidizing these lifestyles has demanded enormous increases in court caseloads and our prisons and treatment centers.

Once incarcerated at our expense these products of government people farms move on to criminal graduate degrees in a scrambled prison system. They are further dehumanized while learning more criminal skills and making connections to further their networks once back out on the streets.

Don’t tell Constitutional Patriots we don’t have a right to drug test them. We have to start doing something different and testing is a sensible start.

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