After spending most of my life and industrial careers dealing with issues of illegals and immigration I am happy to have Trump addressing how to create a DACA solution.

There will be more attempts at bi-partisan bad ideas like the deal 6 Senators just reached among themselves. A “deal” that rewards people for deliberately violating our laws is not acceptable.

My history with the issue goes back to 1978 and after decades of lobbying and battling this problem I don’t feel like liberals and conservatives have any right to blameshift or complain about solutions to the DACA mess both sides created.

I don’t hear anyone on the left or right who is telling the truth about the “Dreamer” mess or presenting all of the facts. As with most hot button campaign year issues, what we are hearing is voters regurgitating comments they learn from whatever media sources they choose to trust.

Honesty and common sense have nothing to do with current DACA discussions, so we will start it here and let the chips fall where they may.

Democrats won’t be happy unless every immigrant is granted full legal status. This is irrational, but Dem leaders want the lock on millions of new voters. They are still tying to replace the millions of labor class voters they’ve lost due to bad policies.  Pushing the gay agenda, aborting baby voters, lavishing gifts on minorities, embracing Islam, opposing gun rights, advancing socialism and the global warming farce have been policy failures that cost Democrats a lot of their traditional base.

Their only solution is to increase immigration and try to sew up that support.

They failed because even when Dems had all the power they never passed a bill for a DACA solution. Obama had to do a temp fix outside of his authority. The GOP let him do it.

DACA policy demands by Dem leadership must be ignored because they are only considering party power and not fairness, common sense or the best interests of our nation.

Notice I did not mention our Constitution? That is because the GOP has ignored our Constitution as much as Dems did as both parties spent decades creating this mess.

Conservative Republicans like to blameshift and say RINOs were responsible. That is completely untrue and historically inaccurate.

Conservatives who now pretend to grandstand on our Constitution and demand deportation as a one-size-fits-all solution need to be ignored right along with the Democrats.

Conservative Republicans created as much of the problem as Dems did. I know because I was in the trenches fighting against pro-illegal conservatives 40 years ago when no one would listen to me.

Conservative Republicans had as much to do with creating and perpetuating illegal immigration as Democrats did and as a result they have no claim to a moral high ground and should also be minimized in the search for a sensible solution to the damage they caused.

I was a college kid working in packing houses when I volunteered on the campaign to get Reagan nominated in Iowa beginning in ’79.

Reagan was a big union-buster because the crooked unions of that era were way out of control and something had to stop the damage they were causing.

Reagan made the mistake of encouraging illegals to flood industries to replace union workers. It began in the meat industry and moved to construction, midwest agriculture and small manufacturing.

I raised hell about this in meetings at our state GOP headquarters and as a lobbyist at our state capital.

Conservatives laughed it off saying illegals who would work cheap were giving the Democrat union workers just what they deserved.

The conservative GOP fools even tried to tell me when illegals got citizenship they would vote Republican out of gratitude.

They reiterated that fallacy when Reagan granted amnesty to more than 6 million illegals. That move enraged me at the time because they tried to whitewash it by saying Democrats promised to close the borders later.

I called bullsh*t on that fable at the time because anyone with a smidgen of common sense knew Dems could not be trusted and had no desire to close borders.

Reagan amnesty was a scam sold as a swap but they deliberately left the guarantees out of it. Why? I learned why when I advanced enough to sit in meetings with top company managers and boards of directors.

The boardrooms and upper echelons of industrial management were all stacked with GOP conservatives.

Time after time I sat in those meetings listening to the big shots bragging about savings achieved by using illegal labor.

They had 3 favorite motives for justifying the hirings.

1: Illegals did not join unions.

2. Illegals worked cheap and do not demand benefits and perks of “spoiled” American workers.

3. Illegals did not report accidents or create claims or lawsuits against companies. They were too afraid of being discovered and deported and this truth made them expendable throw-away employees.

These facts made union weary company people more than anxious to aid and embrace the expanded use of illegal labor and the GOP conservatives were eagerly at the forefront of the process from the very beginning.  They never changed until the mid to late 90’s when Democrats began to win over illegals with freebies and policies to bring in entire families of illegals who then flooded the benefit safety nets.

Suddenly the conservatives changed their tunes because it didn’t work out like they planned.

When illegals shifted to Dem support conservatives suddenly remembered our Constitution and all of the laws they had ignored when they saw illegal immigrants as a benefit to their agendas.

Today the same conservatives who failed to stand on our Constitution when it was time to stop and remove the criminals of the Obama syndicate are saying we must honor our Constitution since they changed their minds about illegals.

Well, I am sorry the GOP woke up too late, but their habit of only supporting our Constitution when it fulfills their agenda cannot be forgiven.

So here we are. What do we do about children brought into the states by illegal immigrant parents who came with the open arm blessings of BOTH political parties? Liberals and conservatives alike.

A 2 yr old brought in 30 years ago who has grown up American and knows no other life is one situation.

A 16 yr old who came in with his family 5 years ago is a different situation. They were raised elsewhere and know how to live where they came from.

Not one illegal from any situation should ever be granted full citizenship including voting rights….with one exception: Any who will volunteer for our military and serve honorably for 6 years or more may be the only exception. In our earliest history dating beyond our Revolution, granting citizenship for military duty was a common practice acceptable to the public at large.

A single solution for all child immigrants is shallow and illogical. Welcoming them in for 200 yrs then suddenly deporting a generation who arrived as toddlers is just wrong.  Keeping the 16 yr olds who showed up then joined gangs is equally wrong. The problem needs cool heads and wisdom, not politically motivated knee jerk reactions.

It amuses me to see so many conservatives grandstanding on their Christian piety yet when it comes to child immigrants, the tenets of Christian mercy and fairness go right out the window in favor of hating all due to a status those Christians ignored when convenient.

Once again we see that talking like a Christian doesn’t always lead to acting like one when it matters.

If a child illegal (Dreamer) has chosen not to be productive, assimilated citizen, they should go.

If they have dropped out of school, become dependent on benefits or committed further deliberate crimes we don’t need them here. Our Democrat and Republican citizens produce enough of those children without outside help.

There should be no path to full citizenship for any illegal, even if they were carried here in diapers because that would be unfair to all who followed our laws.

A solution that considers these points and is fair but sensible will upset the liberals and conservatives. So be it but they had decades to fix this and did nothing.

I am glad we have Trump to negotiate it.

After many decades of failure from the parties it is time to let a Christian Constitutional Patriot find the solution that has eluded the establishment powers.

Conservatives and liberals won’t be happy but they kicked this can down the road for too long. Someone has to clean up their mess.

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