Rush Limbaugh exposing his pointless idiocy again with his partisan faction portrayal of the flood disaster.

This elitist snob does not realize Americans help Americans coast to coast when the chips are down.

In spite of his divisive stupidity I guarantee you many volunteer rescuers were liberals.

Many libs shoot guns, work hard, go to church and assist their neighbors and communities.

Those liberals despise Antifa as much as GOP gumby conservatives despise the Westboro Baptist right wingers who protest at our soldiers funerals.

American citizens need to ostracize these media agitators who take our great moments of national pride and unity and turn it ugly.

The left media is just as stupid and also inventing ways to capitalize politically and commercially by chipping away at the public unity we should all be proud of.

They all find the worst examples of the opposition then paint the whole group with the same broad brush.

This habit is disingenuous and has contributed to the decline of conservatism.

They need to recruit available centrists and liberals by demonstration of policies. Driving them away with a wall of insults is self-defeating.

Media of the right would better serve audiences by encouraging constitutional patriotism instead of pretending conservatism does that.

Conservatism left us with entrenched officials like Rand, Lee, Gowdy and Cruz who ignore our Constitution and their own oaths and obligations.

Find me a conservative in our House or Senate who still demands real repeal and has the plan ready. Find me one conservative in office demanding we drain the swamp, achieve term limits or get campaign cash and lobbyists under control.

There aren’t any. So stop blaming liberals for everything while conservatives are helping them.

We need more Constitutional Patriots and fewer liberals and conservatives.

Last week Hannity proclaimed conservatism is based on constitutional principles and always has.

He is too uneducated to realize the southern Democrats were the conservatives when Lincoln led liberals to the first Republican win of their new party.

I have not seen a single conservative call out Hannity for this glaring historical mistake.

I can no longer consider myself conservative since they eagerly support poor media and elected officials who ignore our Constitution.

I am a Constitutional Patriot as our Founders were and we are all supposed to be.

Meanwhile I thank the good American people who have united to overcome disaster without regard for the influence of our rat filled political media and leadership swamp.

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