The Bannon noise…another tempest in a teapot.

I never jump on these cult of personality bandwagons. These fringe players like Bannon pop up out of nowhere and suddenly everyone acts like they know who this new face is. Then, 90 % of the time, they soon fade away for various reasons.

So I never thought much about Bannon one way or another. After all; we only know what we are told and relationships around a celebrity Prez like Trump are going to be sought by many.

I thought Bannon and Trump backing different candidates in the Alabama race was a circus act Trump was better off without. Bannon seems to be focused more on the rise of Bannon than draining the swamp or being a friend to Trump.

But how close are they really? I’ve not seen them golfing together.

When the Bannon lightning rod was removed from the White House I was hoping he and Trump had ulterior motives for the move. Nothing materialized which indicates the split was a management decision ending a problem.

Since the departure I’ve written a lot about Bannon being a great pick to organize a new party for Trump and Trump supporters. ┬áHe could do it, he has the media attention and he knows those with the necessary cash. But it didn’t happen.

Instead, a book from an author I never heard of shows up carrying nukes for all things Bannon-Trump.

My first thoughts were, “Will Bannon deny any of this and why would he do hours and hours of taped interviews?”

Guys like Bannon are hard to get time with, but this author got all he wanted?

If that is true, then it says a lot about Bannon.

No part of this story shows intelligent foresight by Bannon.

He forgot the basic rule of all with inside access to decision makers — Loose lips sink ships.

Media will keep trying to turn this blister into a gaping wound they can bleed as much Trump damage from as possible. This story already got more press attention than the positive changes Trump has made within just the VA alone.

An author I don’t know writes what may or may not have been said months ago by a former Trump employee.

I’m already done watching this one.


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