It amazes me to see how easily media can still manipulate minds.

The attacks on Trump following Charlottesville are all the proof we need.

Russia-Trump didn’t work. How about the left creating a disaster on our streets then using THAT to further erode Trump?

God knows the GOP and conservative traitors in Congress will stand down and abandon him because they still fear him draining the swamp.

I see more so-called “conservatives” led into whining about his response than I do calling for arrest of the organized crime bosses that financed, fed and fueled the mayhem.

Get this: There was no possible response he could have had that would not have been attacked.

If you don’t realize that, YOU are part of the problem.

Of course the purpose was served…I don’t see anyone still talking about criminal investigations into the Seth Rich murder or crimes by Hillary, Huma, their Pakistani IT criminals, Susan Rice etc.

No. Media commanded the sheep to bash Trump nitpicking and parsing every word.

Common sense and critical thinking skills may be dead in a majority of Americans now.

It sure appears so when I see the fallout over this obviously set up leftist stage act.

Right and left, too many minds are media lemmings.

Hang in there President Trump.

Not all of us are too stupid to see what is happening.

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