Constitutional Patriots ask America to remember a true hero today.

Super Bowl Sunday so it is an appropriate day to honor the greatest Patriot hero who ever played the game.

Ranger Corporal Pat Tillman. 1976-2004

US Army Ranger and recipient of the Silver Star, Purple Heart and Meritorious Service medals.

Pat demonstrated his sense of duty and love of country 8 months after the 9/11 attacks.

After playing with distinction as a safety for the Arizona Cardinals he walked away from a new 3 yr, $3.6 million contract.

Pat, joined by his brother Kevin, walked away from his hard won and lucrative career to serve his nation. Few realize his brother also walked out on a pro-sports career. He was under contract with the Cleveland Indians baseball team.

The brothers signed with the Army, completed basic together and moved on to Ranger induction.

Pat was sent to serve in the initial Iraq invasion in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Following that deployment Pat returned to Ranger school at Ft Benning and was later redeployed to Afghanistan.

He lost his life there in a disaster that was discovered to be an incident of friendly fire. It was after this tragedy the Army posthumously awarded him the rank of Corporal.

Please remember the heroism of this great Patriot today. As the focus of the world is turned to the sport he loved so well let us pay tribute to his selfless act of putting our country above the tempting comfort of what is nothing more than a game.

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