The DNC is broke.

Before anyone starts gloating there are three important things to keep in mind.

1. It shows that all of the pundits and citizens who are against launching a new party got another big one wrong. They always use the excuse, “Well the parties have all the money.” No they don’t. They spend like Michael Jackson did and need constant donations refueling them. Stop donations and they circle the drain almost immediately. At our Conpats website our page “8 New Party Myths & Lies” has this funding fable as #8. Now the Dems prove it. People should read that list.

2. A dying DNC only ends the management structure of psycho-socialism, not the movement. They can reqroup after cleaning house then rebuild quickly. Or they can splinter off into new factional parties filled with zealots and no control structure. You think Dems are nuts now? We haven’t seen anything like what this can lead to. Those types of factions spin off guerilla operations and home grown terror groups. Never forget that.

3. Do not think the big Dem donors are sitting on their money, it will go where it can still buy officials who exchange favors for cash. That is the GOP. The confusing army of foundations, PACS, SuperPACS, lobbyists and donation bundlers are not twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do next.

Their circus isn’t dead, their train broke down. They will catch rides from every GOP official who is even mildly corruptible and what speaks louder in DC than cash in a back room?

After all….are we not already seeing the GOP Congress investigating the GOP President while blocking as much of his agenda as possible?

Ignore those shallow thinkers who watch politics like a sport acting as if life is all about the Democrats vs Republicans. It is not.

We are locked in an historical battle of the Good Citizens against corrupt forces in BOTH parrties plundering our national future for their own self-interests.

That battle rages on no matter what happens in dysfunctional party offices and their bank accounts.

Be careful what you wish for folks because DC is getting much dirtier than the stagnant swamp water we are used to.


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