I am very proud of my Constitutional Patriot friends because they think for themselves instead of following herds.

They are the type of people who founded America in the first place.

They are loyal to our founding principles and Constitution instead of a corrupt GOP. This is the main difference between Conpats and conservatives.

Conservatives are basically herd thinkers who never plan ahead because they are too pre-occupied with whining about what just happened.

Watch closely and this becomes obvious.

Their blind faith in saving a GOP that doesn’t even want conservatives leads them to repeat decades of failure which led to decline for America.

Even now with all the blatant GOP backstabbing GOP plantation conservatives still think the solution is to “elect better Republicans!”

This is scary nonsense showing they do not comprehend what our problem is.

We did elect real Republicans and conservatives. Some of the worst traitors today were Tea Party heroes.

We need to destroy the GOP and start fresh.

The idea of electing solid GOP conservatives to save the day began in the early 60s. Now after 27 congressional elections and 13 presidential elections the idea is a proven disaster.

The GOP has got to go.

Constitutional Patriots are generally better thinkers than conservatives which is demonstrated by the fact they are not fooled.

The national mouthpieces for plantation conservatives like Rush, Beck, Ledger, Levin, Hannity etc talk Constitution only in spin and half truths. Yet conservatives lap it up like Gospel.

They never walk their talk.

No matter what the issue is, no matter what “conservative hero” turns on voters their koolaid solution is always to vote for better Republicans.

Only the brainwashed can still buy that logic after that strategy has failed for 55 years.

Every problem we have today as liberalism morphed into socialism are problems plantation conservatives promised to prevent.

Every win for the socialists has been a corresponding loss for GOP conservatives.

Constitutional Patriots do not accept 55 years of continuous failure without moving to Plan B.

That plan means destroying the 2 old corrupt parties who are happy to destroy America for their own gain.

If plantation conservatives want more of that from a GOP that hates them so be it.

Constitutional Patriots still believe we pledge allegiance to our country and Constitution.

That Constitution exists to protect our rights for mobilized citizens to be the highest power in the land over all parties and officials.

That is our most basic founding principle.

Conpats do not stand with plantation conservatives who are united with liberals to protect the old parties of failure.

We need a new party whether conservatives lack the patriotic ambition to support it or not.

Our Founders struggled against do-nothing whiners too.

Constitutional Patriots of today are carrying the same torch against tyranny of entrenched power our ancestors did.

We must replace the old parties and show the world loyal constitutionalist Americans are STILL the highest power in our great nation.

Anything else is submission and surrender.

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