The GOP is reporting their House members have collected $85 million for their 2018 warchest.

This figure is more than double what Democrats are able to report.

Conservative & RINO fans are acting like this is good news. It isn’t. It is only good news for the House GOP and the big donors who are buying them.

People need to understand, this is not the GOP that is managing and collecting this mountain of cash.

This report was issued by the NRCC which most voters are not even familiar with. The National Republican Congressional Committee.

That is the deep state swamp crew that oversees funds from deep pocket mega donors who buy Congressmen with bribes disguised as donations.

How is it good that they are breaking cash intake records?

Democrats are out of power and have zero say on what bills get to a vote or how they are worded to pay off donors.

Of course the GOP will get the cash, they are the ones in position to pay back the bribes with action from government.

Every one of us is acutely aware that DC government is for sale. Now we have one of the updated financial reports of how much cash is involved.

We do not get full data- that is protected secrets. They actually tell us it is none of our business who they are taking cash from.

The donor list is so valuable that prized possession has been hacked and stolen using former insiders as the hit crew.

Who stole the House GOP donor list? The Senate GOP donor team did it.

GOP voters are not familiar with the NRSC,  National Republican Senatorial Committee. This is the Senate crew for bribe acquisition and management. Over the course of many months in late 2017 the NRSC stole data from the NRCC in the form of hacking the system containing the NRCC donor list.

Yes; greed and avarice are so deeply entrenched in our Capital that Republicans steal from Republicans as all remain more focused on grabbing the millions for themselves instead of serving constituents with integrity.

You won’t hear this truth from the media sources you rely on. Ledger, Rush, Hannity, Levin, Ingraham and the other plantation conservative cheerleaders always protect GOP corruption with their silence when “conservatives” are as deeply involved as the RINOs.

Paul Ryan and a few other House members are in current news broadcasts cheerfully boasting about their $85 million dollar midterm windfall.

Listen closely as they explain why cash is flowing to GOP coffers. They dp not admit it is because Republicans are the only party currently able to trade favors for donations. They do not confess they own the bribe process for the moment.

No. Ryan & Co. are taking full credit for all of the Trump accomplishments and they say donors are showing happiness with the GOP Congress turning America around.

They make no mention of President Trump as they claim the glory of his historic achievements.

Ryan himself, interviewed by Fox News said donors are responding to the House because they reduced unemployment, refired manufacturing, increased energy production, lowered trade deficits, defeated ISIS in Syria, removed the health-care mandate and sent the stock markets soaring.

That’s right….Congress is taking all the credit away from Trump and using his success to explain their massive influx of bribes even as neither the House or Senate moves to drain the swamp or clean up the corruption we are all so fed up with.

Where does this leave us?

Sad to say but all we get is more frustration.

RINOs won’t care one way or the other.

Plantation conservatives won’t bother thinking it through. They will merely give their hodeaway response of, “Trump will fix it, he is two jumps ahead because he is too smart for them!”

Those comments demonstrate the crooked politicians are too smart for plantation conservatives to deal with.

Our President does not have the constitutional authority to fix this or half of the other problems GOP voters are still sleeping through.

Plantation conservatives say Trump can or will fix everything just so they don’t have to accept the duty of activism required for all the changes we truly need.

Congress is corrupt and for sale because votwrs know it but are content to allow it because that is easier than mustering up the patriotic ambition needed to replace the corrupt parties.

We always have the government we deserve and right now liberals and conservatives are still fine with having corruption run amok as elected officials enrich themselves with cash that practically falls from the sky for them.

We are never going to drain the swamp until voters decide to. The American voters are the only group of people on earth with the power to clean up America’s corrupt campaign/ bribe/crony cash system.

Right now it appears they intend to preserve the corruption beyond 2018 midterms.


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