Why has America become such a mess?

Because the one trait liberals and conservatives share is a willingness to stay with two corrupt parties.

That willingness is based on a lack of patriotic ambition to fulfill the citizens duty to keep replacing parties.

Liberals and conservatives both talk of Constitution while both refuse to use it and tolerate a Congress and courts that ignore it.

They both speak of Constitution while sheepishly relenquishing their government to two corrupt parties not even mentioned in our Constitution.

Both await messiahs to save them while they cheer from the couch like sports fans observing a game.

Liberals did it with Obama.

Now conservatives do it with Trump as they go back to sleep, ready to vote for a corrupt GOP in 2018 yet expecting Trump to save them so they can skip their duty as citizens.

My friends and I refuse to sleep in blissful ignorance with liberals and conservatives.

We are part of Constitutional Patriots because we won’t abandon Trump and our Constitution the way liberals and conservatives do.

Washington was right when he said, “Patriotism alone is not enough to inspire action in most citizens, the situation must first become deeply personal.”

That wisdom still explains why liberals and conservatives keep two corrupt parties while whining in comfort expecting someone, somewhere to act where they refuse to.

When confronted with this truth that threatens their herd-thinking liberals and conservatives BOTH shut out the logic, attack the messenger and run off to their “Safe Spaces” huddled among their own.

Conpats are willing to recognize and confront the reality conservatives and liberals run from. BOTH parties are corrupt, government is for sale and Trump is alone on DC abandoned by the two parties a majority surrender too while complaining about.

Constitutional Patriots honor our Constitution and founding principles by demanding a new party and political war against the two parties of liberals and conservatives.

We need a new party, whether the herds have the spines to admit it or not.

Trump deserves a party and supporters who walk their talk, stand with him and do our part to drain the swamp.

Are you a Constitutional Patriot or just something else?

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