I am beyond sick of the NeverTrumper media gumby plantation conservatives and their liberal strategy bitch and whine narratives.

For years I have pointed out the contradictions and failure of conservatism that abandoned our Constitution they do not grasp.

They are GOP first and America later but fail to see their GOP conservative DC heroes are frauds.

The time is ripe for our new party.

We drafted a basic new party platform when we launched Constitutional Patriots.

We were the first org to promote a Trump run back in 2012 and he is now adhering to the platform we wrote years ago.

Zealot GOP conservative gumbies still can’t ignore media and see the long game anti-party movement Trump is sticking to as he restores our Constitution and economy.

I want nothing to do with those types of conservatives or the party they failed to influence for the past 50 years.

We need our new party now.

We called it Restorers but leave the name and full platform to the People as it should be.

I think a better name would be the America First Party and Trump should be invited to leave the GOP and conservatives who hate him. A majority of smart Americans who can actually think will go with us.

The Democrats and GOP can go to the scrap heap of history.

They are useless.

This link is the basic platform we proposed in the beginning.

Let’s ROLL!

Restorer’s Platform

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