The GOP cannot be repaired and saved by voting. If watching the last 55 years, Reagan, the Tea Party, Trump and GOP Trump sabotage didn’t prove it try watching Roy Moore.

Patriotic voters have GOT to abandon the herd thinking and indoctrination of plantation conservatives.

America and our Constitution can never be restored while well meaning voters let themselves be dumbed down and suckered into GOP loyalty.

The plantation conservative media has created a mind numbed class of voters loyal to a party that they themselves despise. This is irrational.

Rush, Beck, Levin, Hannity, Ledger, Ingraham and more have sold their souls to a corrupt GOP they invested their lives and careers in decades ago. Now they remain united in misleading voters selling the failed idea our solution is to vote for “better Republicans.”

One must be koolaid soaked and brain dead to still believe this when the GOP has worked so hard to prove it will never happen.

Not one of these media GOP-first spin doctors will tell you what our Founders wrote about such a mess.

Not one of them will tell fans real truth of how our Constitution was rejected by citizens who feared two corrupt parties taking control.

No plantation conservative will share the truth that we got a Bill of Rights largely to empower voters to destroy and replace bad parties.

No. These “GOP-first, America-second” plantation conservatives abandon our Founders, founding principles and Constitution just to keep gullible voters convinced the GOP can be saved.

Only a true plantation conservative is still brainwashed enough to believe the GOP can be saved by voting for “better Republicans.”

Can they not grasp what the GOP is doing to stop the Trump agenda?

Are GOP plantation conservatives so brainwashed they cannot see only two groups in America are loyal to parties that lie to them then shaft them?

Only black Democrats and plantation conservatives are gullible enough to consistently give 95% of their votes to parties who always shaft them.

Constitutional Patriots demand a new party just as our Founders advised and our Constitution was designed to permit.

Plantation conservatives ignore our Constitution and duty as citizens as they submit to GOP political slavery and abuse.

Right wing media stars have been so successful their trained fans even adopt language taught by media. They often call themselves, “constitutional conservatives.” Media developed and taught that fake term as a moniker for right wing Republican. They are simply a branch of plantation conservatives submitting to the GOP.

In a nation founded by Constitutional Patriots, for Constitutional Patriots only failure comes from being something else.

Do you need an example of the nonsense media has instilled in plantation conservatives? I could write a book on it but here are some basic examples

Plantation conservatives say history shows new parties fail. This is brain dead GOP media falsehoods from the Rush, Levin, Beck style mind-numbing school.

Here is truth– History shows conservatives threw in with the GOP 55 years ago promising to take back the party and use the GOP to save America.

History proves that idea was followed by the worst 55 year trend to socialism the US has ever seen.

History shows when a new party swept the nation a new Republican Party emerged from a 4 party field and put Lincoln in the White House.

History proves the Tea Party swept America then failed because they did NOT go new party. Plantation conservatives took control, kept them GOP and ruined their efforts.

Plantation conservatives should never mention history because they are blind to it. They mock Dems for repeating failure while Dems succeeded in taking over schools, major cities, entertainment industries, science labs, colleges, labor unions and more. They mock Dems while history proves Dems won every major issue since the early 60s. Socialism advanced and conservatism failed to stop it because plantation conservatives refuse to leave a corrupt GOP who never succeeds in stopping Democrat agendas.

History proves since plantation conservatives promised to save America we have had 27 congressional elections and 13 presidential elections where socialism advanced while our Constitution suffered.

What wise person can see this truth and still say our solution is for conservatives to preserve the GOP, fix it then use it to save America?

No one but plantation conservatives misled by media can believe that. History proves it is absurd.

My friends and I are Conpats. We are not willing to aid corruption and preserve it for our children and grandchildren to deal with. Liberals and plantation conservatives do that. We will not.

We need a new party.

Conpats are putting the GOP on notice– you left us, you failed us for 55 years and now you abandon Trump. You only serve your swamp.

The GOP is dead and MUST be buried and replaced. Whether plantation conservatives lack the spine and patriotic ambition to help or not.

Constitutional Patriots are not fooled by the GOP and media.

We need a new party we can invite Trump into.

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