Spending reduction plan announced by a joint group of House & Senate Republicans.

Sixteen congressional conservatives will announce their new bill to offset Tax Reform deficit fears by reducing wasteful spending.

The bill titled The People’s Reform Promise will target waste by eliminating duplicitous spending programs within bureaucratic budgets.

It calls for eliminating the positions of the 10,000 IRS agents hired to enforce ObamaCare policies.
Rendundant federal programs, departments and offices that duplicate those of states will be phased out to ensure 10th Amendment States Rights are secure.

Billions in federal dollars granted to universities for unproductive studies such as global warming and other politically motivated projects will be cut.

All funding for investments in sanctuary cities will be eliminated.

Federal funding of the arts and media will be eliminated so these industries can rely on market driven financing.
Federal programs that provide funding based on racial or ethnic qualifications will be eliminated.

The complete list of spending reductions will offset all reductions in federal tax receipts and eliminate the deficit already identified in the proposed 2018 budget.

This common sense budgeting fulfills decades of campaign promises by conservative GOP candidates and leadership.
THAT is why they will NEVER propose it.

A bill like this will only appear when voters demand a new party of Constitutional Patriots to replace the GOP and their conservatives who have never once walked their talk.

It would be so easy to bring positive changes if our 535 congressmen were not all complete frauds.

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