A lot of what people call political discussion is really just angry, bitter shallow thinkers looking for an excuse to insult and divide us more.

They hear the childlike rhetoric in media from Matthews, Maddow, Rush, Levin and others and then think they look smart for jumping on the bandwagon lashing out and insulting anyone and everyone who doesn’t think exactly like them.

They always turn out to be uneducated herd thinkers incapable of producing an original thought.

These people are just ugly inside. They are not wise enough to grasp changing society requires growing numbers by winning hearts and minds to your cause; not launching at every opportunity to drive them further away.

This used to be common among the extremist Democrats. Now the ones calling themselves conservatives are just as bad.

Yesterday I saw an Fb post where a lady asked if there were any Democrats or liberals reading her post.

What followed was sickening. People bragging about being too Christian or “conservative” to speak to a Democrat and even proudly announced they have co-workers, family, even THEIR OWN KIDS they won’t stoop to speak to because of politics.

The post got hundreds of replies and all were of this nature.

It was wrong when Democrats did it and it is wrong when Republicans do it.

A decent society must have room for cool headed discourse in order to maintain a level of national unity.

The better angels of human nature should dominate discussions regarding the future and issues that affect the prosperity and security of us all.

It is an ignorant person who cannot see media deliberately seeks out the worst examples from both sides then portrays them as normal. But many fall for it. Then they decide hatred is the only response. Even if that hatred sweeps up their own family.

I’ve never been a Democrat but I have known and still know some very good people who are. They aren’t gay activists or Antifa supporters. I’m no longer a Republican but I know many who are great people and too many ugly ones like those replying to the post I mentioned.

Not everyone on both sides are the radical examples all media tells us they are.

Both liberals and conservatives have spent the last 50 years electing the corrupt buffoons who have fouled up our nation so no one has any reason to be bragging or acting superior.

We need some good old fashioned common sense, decency and respect for our fellow countrymen back in our national discourse.

We need to remember if we want our ideas to become popular we must win more support through rational discussion not acting like 10 year old playground bullies chasing others away from our swingset.

I will have no part of this damaging trend.

Some have to be the grownups in the room and it is those whom I will seek out. No matter which side they are on, we all need to just talk. I may not agree with all of them but I will respect their right to think and speak as long as they do the same.

The real priority must become the best interests of our nation again and not the personal attacks and bickering of this media fueled liberal vs conservative nonsense that gets us nowhere good.

We cannot allow media stars or the spiteful parrots of national blowhards to pull us down to their level.

We need Americans to start acting like the good and decent people we are to each other in times of disaster and needs. We can do it then without a second thought because that is who most of us are in our hearts.

I don’t care if someone calls themself a liberal, conservative or Grand Guru of All Things Worldly. If all they’ve got is time for insults and more division I’m done with them.

We have bigger, better things to do and better people to do it.

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