Restorers: Our Platform

Please note: This platform is proposed as a starting point for the purpose of defining our direction and political philosophy. As we move ahead we will be meeting with state leaders and citizen voters to fine tune this work.

Removing the tools of corruption and downsizing of the federal government while reducing intrusion on the rights of states and individuals is our goal which we will not back away from.

First and foremost with our effort is the need to halt further mistakes by insisting that no major legislation be passed by the US Congress, or ordered by the Administration, until past damage is corrected and corruption is addressed so the People have confidence that our federal government is operating in our best interests.

1. Neither old major party is focused on restoring, preserving and protecting the Constitution. This will be our number 1 priority. We must protect the rights that can make us free once again.

2. Pensions and benefits for Congress are damaging our country and must be immediately frozen as they are then ended permanently. These perks allow far too many bad leaders to become wealthy while serving themselves and special interests. This action must be followed with Term Limits. Powerful entrenched bureaucrats must also be regularly cycled out of power.

3. All persons running for any office should have a working knowledge of our Constitution and support it as the ultimate law of the land. All Restorer Party candidates will demonstrate a working knowledge of the Constitution before gaining support of our Restorer Party.

4. The Restorer Party will have a network of Policy Directors to ensure that all candidates, party officers and elected officials faithfully represent our Party standards and support our Constitution. The backstabbing of voters ends with us.

5. Our Restorer Party will rescue our military people from the abuse and misuse of the corrupt parties. Our armies exist to protect and defend our homeland, not attempting to install democracies where no one wants one. We are not the world police and our armies should not be used to build roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure in faraway lands at our expense for people who will never appreciate it. Soldiers lives and military funds are to be treasured, not spent for political gain.

6. America should never become a theocracy but the relentless attacks on Christianity violate the 1st Amendment and must end. Favor shown toward religions not compatible with our universal freedoms and liberties must be eliminated.

7. The appointment of Czars who answer directly to the President must be outlawed.

8. Several Cabinet level departments of the federal government are intrusive and poorly managed, they must be abolished and their duties relegated to the states. This includes, as a minimum, the Departments of Education, Energy, and Labor. The federal EPA and OSHA damage the business environment our future depends upon, they must be shut down and their duties left to the states.

9. Immigration must first be conducted according to our existing laws. We will be committed to sealing our southern border and ending illegal immigration from anywhere. As decent people of a fair nation we must develop a solution to address those who are here illegally due to the action of others but no person who willingly violated our law to get here should ever be awarded the rights of citizenship.

10. Federal matching funds granted to campaigns must end. Tax payers should not be forced to fund extensive campaigns.

11. People who commit crimes while serving in any elected or appointed government office MUST be prosecuted to the fullest extent of all laws in all cases.

12. All officials who swear an oath of office, in any capacity, shall be removed from office when they violate that oath. An oath that is not enforced has no purpose.

13. Lame Duck sessions of Congress and terms of office are damaging and dangerous. Laws must be established limiting action of all who have been voted out of office by restricting activity between election day and the seating of new officials. Abusing the freedoms of Lame Duck periods must be stopped.

14. Voter fraud is a serious crime against all citizens and must be prosecuted as a serious felony in all cases.

15. The United States is being destroyed by corruption and incompetence in all levels of government. Restorers believe American citizens have the constitutional right to force the early resignation or removal of any elected or appointed official who fails to serve with competence and integrity.

16. Our current federal tax code must be thrown out and replaced. The IRS must be replaced with a new department of revenue management staffed by new administrators.

17. Activist judges must be removed. Court rulings at all levels must be based upon the law and Constitution, not social agendas. To prevent continued abuses all social/political activities deemed legal by courts must be subject to overview and approval by elected representatives before being enacted as accepted law.

18. Rampant corruption currently permitted through our system of professional lobbyists trading campaign donations for favors must end. Elected officials who leave office should be banned from acting as lobbyists for a minimum of 15 years to avoid the issues of influence peddling. No individuals should be allowed to receive compensation for lobbying efforts or to lobby as a career. When elected representatives require input regarding legislation or regulations they should get it through public meetings with constituents in their home districts, not professional campaign fund managers.

19. Technology has suddenly advanced to the point where we now face many issues of government intrusion through a variety of electronic surveillance techniques of private citizens, our businesses and the digital data each of us produces or uses in our daily lives. Restorers believe we have a greater right and expectation of privacy than government officials and several courts are willing to provide. We believe no level of government, or their agencies, has a justifiable right to freely collect, store or observe our digital data, or instruct providers to do so, and we believe we now need very concise, well defined laws severely limiting the legal ability of anyone to access any of our digital data for any purpose without a specific search warrant issued by a judge from a traditional court. The secret courts now in charge of oversight of digital searches are grossly un-American and must be disbanded. Restorers demand that our privacy be protected at all levels. Intrusions upon our digital privacy must be considered a crime, not accepted policy.

20. Discretionary spending by Presidents in all forms must be limited and subject to review and approval of Congress once new limits are established. The gifting of our tax dollars for political gain is now abused by every administration. Abuses of discretionary spending have been demonstrated to permit a myriad of wasteful spending without oversight including supporting lifestyles equal to wealthy royal dictators and gifts of billions in military aid and equipment to dangerous potential enemies and more. We have Presidents, not kings and we have a right to demand the thoughtful and frugal respect of our hard earned tax contributions.