Screenshot_2016-03-03-10-47-02-1Romney in attack mode as reality makes fools out of the GOP and Cruz fans. Many wonder why millions of jews boarded trains to their death in WW2. Look at the GOP and Cruz supporters and see for yourself.

Too many just blindly do as told. Romney the RINO uniting with Cruzoids to help prevent citizens from making fair, issue based decisions and zombie voters still think Cruz is not establishment. Media tells them so they believe it instead of their own lying eyes. If Big Talk radio & Cruz told fans to take free busrides to showers they’d do it. Critical thinking skills are dead among our new style conservatives who are nothing like conservatives I once was proud to be a part of. How can media make fans so stupid they cannot see the establishment has a RINO left and fraudulent right united behind a goal of making sure power is kept within the party/donor/crony elites who have screwed America so horribly? Low-information conservatives flock to Cruz because Rush, Beck and Levin tell them to and they are not educated enough to realize the entire sleazy bunch is lying to them about what our Constitution and founding principles were. I have proven time after time that Cruz and his media cronies lie about their loyalty to our Constitution but their zombies don’t care. Now Romney, the hated RINO who failed to get the GOP base out is slithering into the fray united with fake right wing liars and people STILL are too stupid to comprehend what is right in front of them?

See why millions got on trains while the thinkers fled? It still happens.

Trump needs to leave the GOP and double his numbers by bringing in Reagan Dems, smart ex-Republicans and those who got fed up and stopped voting.

We are in a war to restore the Power of the People in our political process and the free rides to the showers from right and left establishment GOP liars are on the same track as the Democrat trains.

I jumped off years ago.

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