The FBI scandal is in the lap of James Comey but truth about him is still suppressed by all media and BOTH parties. Few know who he really is, so here are a few facts of his history and how a man with no proper experience came to run the FBI.

Comey was first a lawyer. Of course. His long job hopping career is covered in the mud of deep state connections.

How many know he was the Deputy Counsel appointed to investigate the Clinton corruption in the Whitewater scam? Hillary walked away scot-free in spite of damning evidence of crimes and a cover up.

Later, he was the guy who served as a US Attorney who nailed Martha Stewart in the InClone case.

We all know what happened to bring down General David Petraeus. He was forced to resign after a tenacious investigation led by James Comey. The guy who found no crime in a Hillary scandal with mountains of evidence brought down Petraeus by hitting him with a misdemeanor charge of misuse of classified info.

During most of this time, he was a registered Republican.

Under the Obama administration the Grooming of Comey for FBI boss began.

He did a brief stint at the Columbia Law School as a Fellow on National Security. There we see the grooming to load his resume with an intel link for later use.

This brief position only lasted a couple months, but around the same period he was sitting on the board at HSBC Holdings.

One more of many in his close ties to mega donor lobbyist and global financial circles.

This is when Obama decided Comey was the best man in America to run the FBI.

No one else would have. Except Hillary.

At this point confirmation by the Senate was required. Rand Paul refused to allow it, but for a very odd reason instead of Comey’s shady history.

Rand complained about Comey’s record on approving drone surveillance of citizens. As soon as Team Comey replied, Rand okayed confirmation simply because he got a reply. Another Rand stage act.

Only Rand Paul voted against confirmation. His reason? Only because Rand didn’t like the drones.

Not once did Rand mention or even allude to Comey’s career long swamp history, questionable involvement in damage control for Democrat scandals or complete lack of experience in intel and management skills necessary for running the FBI effectively.

Comey was an Obama insider political plant sent to infiltrate FBI administration with Obama-Democrat swamp insiders and it was obvious at the time.

The GOP allowed it and even assisted by supporting his confirmation almost unanimously.

Who still thinks the DC Democrat and GOP swamp waters do not mix in the same pool?

The purpose of Senate confirmation hearings is to review the life and work of appointees. They have the duty of learning the history of those they permit to assume critical positions.

Once again, the GOP united with Democrats in seating a lifelong political operative with deep state connections and insider links to our most wealthy and powerful lobbyist organizations.

It is important to note that two of our most prominent constitutional frauds quietly ignored the truth about Comey, never raised questions about his history or qualifications then immediately voted to confirm him. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. These are more very telling facts about these establishment groomed snakes who slipped into office by misleading the Tea Party movement with the help of national right wing media stars. The same microphone cheerleaders who sold the conservative base on Paul Ryan being solid and reliable as a running mate for the liberal Mitt Romney.

James Comey was only in the FBI to pervert it and if his appointment and easy confirmation do not demonstrate how seriously corrupt both parties are, then nothing will.

But do not get blindsided by focus on the FBI tip of this iceberg. Remember Comey’s career long connections to those in bed with Clintons. Comey ignored or helped cover up Hillary crimes while she was Secretary of State. This is the reason Obama wanted him in the FBI in the first place. The FBI scandal is a sideshow. The center ring of this circus is the dangerous entrenched global corruption of our State Dept. You haven’t seen anything until that crime syndicate is under the spotlight.

Right now, I am not certain Trump can get Sessions and Wray to actively attempt a legitimate investigation into them.

Trump is President, the all powerful Messiah so many seem to think he is.

We cannot, should not discuss the FBI mess without looking at the big picture and I am still not hearing anyone else give the facts you just read here.

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