Our U.S. belongs to Americans, not the people of the world.

It is supposed to be governed by Americans from among the People who serve according to our Constitution then go back home to private industry.

We are not supposed to be led by professional politicians serving corrupt parties and donors who buy favors.

If you immigrate to change our country you are not welcome.

Stay in your own rat hole country and change it.

For those in office failing us, your days are numbered. You can go and take your entrenched parties with you.

Liberals and conservatives protected your corruption because media fools them.

You just lost the White House because real Americans are finally waking up.

All incumbents in our House and Senate must be removed in midterms. No sacred cows.

You have all failed. Your parties are failing and our efforts to replace them are growing.

Horrible officials have damaged America or stood by playing party games while it happened. You have allowed and fueled division and infiltration by outsiders whose beliefs and demands have no place here.

Our nation, our Constitution and our people are one and we are not ones to surrender.

Constitutional Patriots are not going to play along, we will not be quiet, we will not stand aside.

Conpats forced you to take a President liberals and conservatives could not stop.

You did not get the message, so we are coming for you in midterms.

The United States is our country.

If you must learn this the hard way then so be it. You should have left us alone.

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