I still see people surprised about the GOP opposition to a true repeal of Obamacare.

For 7 years while GOP Senators and Representatives were grandstanding in Congress and campaigning on repeal Conpats tried to warn America it was all lies.

We used obvious facts to demonstrate this but the power of national talk radio stars and TV propaganda by GOP Plantation Conservatives is a tough obstacle to overcome.

Now it is obvious every one of them was wrong and Conpats were correct the entire 7 years.

I don’t think Trump was fooled either because that was the beginning of him becoming more politically active.

Now he faces the added pitfall of the entire GOP Congress uniting with their establishment Democrat partners to block the entire Constitution based Trump agenda.

For further proof that you can consistently find accurate analysis and truth based predictions at Conpats. com we are showing our comments from May 7th below.

This is when the House was wrapping up their bill and sending to the Senate.

GOP radio stars and party frauds were still lying about repeal.

We predicted EXACTLY what would happen in our Senate and we named many of the key GOP obstructionists. Most are incorrectly hailed as faithful conservatives or constitutionalists.

They are neither.

Here is our May 7 post. NO other source told you this, and they were all proven wrong.

As I warned even before the House bill passed—the GOP Senate is going to derail efforts to begin the end of ObamaCare.

People ask why they didn’t have a bill ready after years of promises. It is because they DO NOT WANT a bill.

Even though the most gullible of conservative voters fell for it the bill they kept passing under Obama was a stage prop, not a workable plan. The heavily flawed and incomplete fake repeal offered by Rand Paul is also just bait for media led parrots.

No one in media gave the warnings we did at Constitutional Patriots. No one else got it right.

The rest of the prediction is that a great war is about to break out between GOP Senate factions and between House and Senate Republicans.

The Senate is under greater lobbyist influence and loaded with camera hog stage actors like Rand, Graham, McCain and Cruz. They will squabble just to get air time while delaying the Trump agenda. For our own good of course.

We will be lucky if any bill at all reaches the desk for Trump this year. Too many GOP Senators are mad about losing primaries to him.

Any bill they produce will start wars among GOP Senators and be flawed beyond reality. Then they get one back to the House for work then passage?

The House will fight the Senate just because the ego mad Senate dissed them.

At this point it is no more than a 30% chance. If that. Conpats keep warning voters the GOP cannot lead and does not serve them.

Watch as they prove it once again.

We need a new party.

Trump needs a new party of us. He alone is fighting to represent Constitutional Patriots in DC.

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