Trump has spoken on our Longest War.

Are the big bombs dropping in Afghanistan yet?

You can bet a lot of Taliban fighters are looking up and waiting right now.

No more nation building.

No more trying to install governments they can’t understand or do not want.

No more managing war from political desks of Washington.

No more allies and neighboring interests playing both sides of the fence.

No more allies giving token support and leaving all the work, expense and sacrifice to us.

No more telegraphing our strategies.

No more Rules of Engagement tying the hands of our forces.

This is now a war America is fighting to win.

All this on the same day Sen. Grassley declares lawsuits against Trump, which Democrats filed, demonstrate need to investigate Hillary.

The Clinton Foundation and her State Dept. worked well together funneling millions from foreign sources to Clinton access.

There is obvious corruption there and a thorough investigation will ensnare crooked insiders from both camps once immunity deals begin.

Let the chips fall where they may. The more convictions the better.

While the Judiciary Committee is spearheading an investigation into Hillary’s State Dept. scandals we cannot unravel all from the Obama foreign activities.

It is well documented that he shipped pallets of cash and dealt for at least $150 billion to go to Iran.

They are an enemy and a known supporter of those actively engaged in the killing and maiming of our deployed troops.

Article 3, section 3 of our Constitution says giving aid and comfort to an enemy is treason.

Article 2 section 4 says that demands removal of officials guilty of doing so.

Of course as obvious as this was every GOP congressman and Senator ignored it.

Did they fear the wide net of a trial and evidence sure to be submitted?

Do they still need a reason to ignore our Constitution now that doing so is a trait they all share?

Our Constitution is very clear regarding Obama treason which Hillary aided in several instances but the RINOs, moderates and conservative frauds all displayed their true colors as their silence spoke volumes.

Rand, Gowdy, Cruz, Lee are as guilty as Maxine Waters and Pelosi for silence in the face of blatant treason.

GOP talk hosts such as Rush, Hannity and Levin never sounded the alarms calling on Congress for charges because doing so would have exposed the failures of those cronies they help sell at campaign time.

So, here we are. Some investigations may go after Hillary and grow legs beyond her.

Or we see the beginning of the campaign season for midterms where hopeful Republicans are betting a stage act targeting Hillary will outweigh their repeal lies and failure soon enough to aid their current donation woes.

Trump stood up tonight and laid it out,  he will walk that talk.

If the GOP House or Senate has one soul who will do the same they better prove it. So far every one of them has failed their oaths of office and us.

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