New Party Lies & Myths: How Good People Are Easily Fooled

If you want to find out just how far we have slipped from the strong independent American attitudes of our Founders, start a conversation about a new political party as a solution to what currently ails us. The knee-jerk replies you get from the media trained minds of the Democrat and Republican parties will clearly illustrate just how easily many voters are fooled by media.

If you want to hear the radical socialist Democrats and the radical hard right Republicans say the same exact things, just mention a new 3rd party- both have been trained to reject the notion by party hacks who care more about maintaining party power than restoring America. It works, too. Both camps have done a great job at programming the minds of far too many otherwise intelligent people.

The first priority of Republican and Democrat operatives & media stars is to protect the party- not restore the nation. None of them put the nation first, if they did they wouldn’t keep their jobs. Both parties are always adamantly opposed to starting a new 3rd party, it would cut into their voting blocks and funding streams. They have a good thing going, screw the nation, they are doing just fine. What if a sensible 3rd party comes along and takes the fight in a new direction they cannot deal with? They are afraid they would wind up being destroyed, like the Tories, the Whigs, The War Union, the Federalists and all the other old parties America used to think would be there forever.

Isn’t it funny how the Democrats and Republicans BOTH began as 3rd parties yet are able to convince so many people that now they hold all power so no one can ever do exactly what they already proved could be done?

Too many people say we are stuck with just the two parties we have now. That statement proves how little people today know about the history of these United States.

That statement proves the person that said it has been brainwashed by party hacks.

That statement proves voters in both parties can become trained to forget history and stop thinking for themselves, only repeating what someone has drilled into their psyche.

That statement proves the one who said it has lost the American Spirit and believes the parties now possess the power our Founders taught us We the People must never surrender to anyone.

That statement demonstrates why we face the risk of losing this great nation in our own time after all previous generations sacrificed so much to give us what the 2 major parties are now destroying.

Today, both parties have their media stars lying to us about new parties, just to keep us where we can be controlled and their wealth and cronies protected. One thing NEITHER party wants is We the People realizing the power is ours and their old parties are gone the day we stop supporting them. They have no power unless our votes give it to them. Here are the 8 new party myths and lies they use to keep us from claiming our own power to stop them:

1) Look at Perot! He gave us Clinton! Of course that happened. A lot of people who were already sick of the weak Republicans way back then voted for Perot. That was ill advised because Perot didn’t have a party behind him, he was just a candidate representing himself. Ross Perot was a one man movement, not a real 3rd party. On top of that, Perot was a weird little bugger with big ears and a squeaky voice who came across as a bit of a goofball though he did make sense on economic issues. Of course he lost and the Republicans watched Clinton slide in on less than 50% of the vote. To win with a 3rd party you have to actually present a national party and you have to run someone voters can look at without cracking jokes.

2) Reagan said a 3rd party was a bad idea! Yes he did say that-more than 25 years ago and at the time he was right. Unfortunately, this isn’t the early 80′s and the disastrous GOP of today is not a pimple on the butt of the Reagan GOP. How come people who say this never repeat any of Reagan’s quotes from his many years as a loyal Democrat? Hmmm??? What, we ignore his pro-Dem, anti-GOP comments and pretend they were never said because they don’t serve our argument now? Reagan left the Democrat Party because he was honest and at that time the GOP was still a bit conservative. He acted on what he witnessed in his day, he said he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, they left him. It is foolish to think he would now stay with a GOP that has left him too. Reagan was too smart and too honest to be involved with what the Republican Party has become. The Democrat Party Reagan left was a better crew than the ruined shambles of the Republican Party we have backstabbing us and caving in today. If you want to quote Reagan, at least use his words in the proper historical context instead of applying them to our mess today which he never saw and was not referring to. Reagan was honest enough to leave the party that left him, now we face the same choice. Are we wise enough to leave?

3) Look at Ron Paul, he was a Libertarian and had to run as a Republican to win! Ron Paul had to run as a Republican because the Libertarians have too many fringe ideas mainstream America will never get behind. You cannot garner widespread conservative support while telling Christians prostitution should be legal and Muslims are their legitimate equivalent. That is reality. The Libertarian Party peaked out long ago and now that Dr. Paul is retired, it will go away. Give Americans a party they can relate to on a personal level and they will flock to it.

4) The Founders said we can’t split into a lot of factions and still keep America! That doesn’t apply here, the Founders assumed at least one party would actually represent voters who cared about preserving our Constitutional Republic. They also issued repeated warnings against letting two entrenched parties establish a chokehold on our system. Who really thinks they would support two parties who are both looting our future while seating lifelong career congressmen getting extreme pensions and benefits unless they resign to become millionaire lobbyists in the shadows? The corruption we have today in these two parties is one faction, where is the faction to stand against them?

5) A three party political system would make it impossible to manage government. I’m not hoping for a system of 3 major parties. Abandon the GOP and let them die off. Then take on corruption and prosecute the crimes and the Democrats will die off too. The GOP is too befuddled to stay with, let them fade away. The American People can decide for themselves who among them is worthy of keeping around but that would be a very small percentage. Let the socialists of the GOP go to the Democrats. Good riddance! A new party would also provide a new home for all of the good people who were once Reagan Democrats but now see through the GOP and won’t have any part of them. I don’t blame any disillusioned Democrats for not switching parties right now, the Republicans are backstabbing weaklings. Who looks at that and wants to jump on board? A new party would lose some old moderate Republicans to the Democrats but oh well, they would gain many more by providing the nation with common sense and real representation not scarred by the baggage of the GOP track record. Notice how they both always refer to a challenge as a “3rd party” instead of a “new party?” They try to apply a negative stigma to the concept before voters see the challenge as a fresh way to solve their stale problems.

6) A new party that threatens the GOP would automatically put Democrats in full control of everything! Oh really- then why aren’t all the mainstream liberal socialist media freaks screaming daily about how the GOP should be shut down and replaced? You really think that if dumping the GOP was good for Democrats these sycophants wouldn’t be crying for it loudly on a non-stop basis? Listen to them, what they are saying is the GOP is reeling on the ropes and must adopt more of their positions or die off. Same thing many cowardly GOP leaders are saying. Democrat operatives want to be up against the GOP because they can see it is in ruins and struggling under lousy direction. They know they have them beaten, the last thing the socialists want to face is a new party that has brains and real leadership which would be a threat they don’t face now. They sure don’t want to face a new challenge when they see their Utopian dreams coming to fruition against these addled GOP scatterbrains. They are telling voters Republicans must become more like them-they smell blood in the water and want to make the most of it. Fine, let them have the carcass of the GOP that spent 20 years eating their own. We will take our new party including Reagan-style Democrats who are just as sick of this as we are and we will clobber them.

7) The old parties have too much power and can crush any new 3rd party. If you believe that, then you have already lost everything it means to be an American. I suggest you read the beginning of the Declaration of Independence or our Constitution. The People are mentioned many times, political parties are never mentioned once. Never! We cannot become sheepish fools to be subjects of what has been sold to us as a higher power. WE ARE AMERICANS! We are the People and in our land there will be no higher power, not while I live. Political parties have no power unless we grant it to them. If we give them donations, volunteer work in campaigns and our votes, they have power. If we give our money to a new party, volunteer for the new party candidates then vote for them, the old parties have nothing. This is why both old parties try to use scare tactics or belittle new party ideas. They cannot live without our support. We always have the parties we deserve, even now while our nation is in historical decline and racing toward failure- we support them with votes, volunteering and dollars. This is insanity. This is un-American. We the People are being trained to forget we still have the greatest power and the right to back a new party whenever the old ones go bad- like now.

8) The old parties have all the funding locked up. Of course they do, who else would the big donors give it to? Money flows only to parties that exist and the right ideas draw voters and the funds. The Tea Party proved this and even the Occupy movement received funding when the support was evident. Eric Cantor lost while greatly outspending his primary challenger, votes can still be more valuable than dollars. The Tea Party was never a party, just Republicans and the Occupiers were just Democrats but look what they did before their host parties used them and cast them aside. They both drew funds from supporters by the boatloads, enough so to demonstrate that new ideas are something both sides are eager to put their dollars into.

The biggest group of voters in America today are the people who love our country and want a bright future for our success and the success of our children and grandchildren. We can have that party. The biggest group of voters today are those who do not trust our government as it is now run and we are in both parties and not happy about it. If you are still brainwashed into believing a new party cannot work then think about it- who told you that? Whose words are you repeating? You have to be saying something you heard from one who is making a lot of money cheerleading for the modern parties of today because not one of our Founders ever made such a comment.

It is time my friends- America is ripe for a new party. A party of fresh ideas and real representation of our founding principles but geared for the new age we live in. Times have changed and we must arm ourselves for the future or be left behind as the Egyptians, Celts Phoenicians, Greeks, Iberians, Zulu, Romans, Tartars, Mayans, Spaniards, Normans, Picts, Aztecs, Petchnegs, Mongols, Iroquois, Gauls, Huns, Visigoths, Ottomans and Sioux were left behind. This planet is not kind to those who fail to prepare for changing times and we will now be added to that list or throw off our old parties of the past like a skin which once served us well but must now be shed so we may grow. We must become a new nation for the future that lies before us or die with the last breath of the parties who were once our cradle but have become our coffin.

We cannot now forget that our struggle is for our homeland, not a party later born from it.

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