This is a problem which has developed among conservatives that we will not accept in our Constitutional Patriot organization.

The following comments were copied from a Facebook group managed by and for millenials who support patriotism:

The part that I find so irritating is that so many people in these older generations are constantly cheering on the “Make America Great Again” lines, but with this topic are doing just the opposite. If everyone keeps their crap attitudes towards the entire generation rather than to just knock the nuts we’re going to end up with a bunch more Obamas in office.

The dems have twisted ideas but they’re thinking much smarter about this than many conservatives, which is the exact reason we’re in this mess in the first place, and why America needs to be made great AGAIN. If there weren’t huge issues before we were even in the picture it’d be “Keep America Great”. The only millennials that are so deeply misled are the ones that didn’t have anyone steering them in the right direction.

So say there’s a millennial that never had parents teach him how government should work, and he decided he wanted to learn. He goes to conservatives and says he doesn’t know much – they do exactly what so many do – criticize, call him an idiot and shove him away. So then he’s got this terrible image of conservatives and still wants to learn. So who’s he got left to learn from? The dems, and they jump on that as fast as they can. If you have no core knowledge and one side’s being total assholes and the other’s welcoming you with open arms, no friggin wonder they think conservatives are hateful bigots.

We had that happen multiple times just in this group. Someone will come in asking to learn and all they get is rude comments bashing for not knowing yet, so they leave. God knows they’re not trying that again with our side after that ignorant nonsense, I sure as hell wouldn’t. So these people chanting “MAGA” just made another democratic millennial. No one ever built an army of like-minded people by pushing away the ones that are wanting to learn.

As much as that happens, these people are crazy to think the years of a traitorous liberal in office are all behind us. Seems pretty obvious and ridiculous to me, but I’m just a millennial, the next adult generation that’ll be responsible for both voting and teaching our children our values to carry on, so what do I know?

That ends the comments from a 24 year old Constitutional Patriot. As a 19 yr old GOP volunteer in ’79 I fought to get Reagan nominated in Iowa. I was insulted and ostracized because the older conservatives wanted Bush Sr to run for the GOP in 1980 elections. I was definitely not welcomed to partcipate and did so only because of my own parents raising me to be stubbornly involved. ┬áNo movement grows without embracing and training newcomers.

Our Constitutional Patriot organization welcomes all good Americans concerned with restoring our nation.

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