has a solid record of making the most accurate political predictions available from any source.

We have consistently beaten liberal TV and news outlets.

We have consistently beaten all conservative media including Rush, Levin, Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Ingraham—all of them.

During Tea Party days when everyone was praising Ryan as the conservative Romney running mate we warned he was a snake. We were right but everyone slammed us for it.

The same is true of Cruz and Rubio. We warned, conservatives argued with us but both are proven frauds and liars as we said.

We warned for 7 years the GOP conservatives and RINOs were lying about full repeal of ObamaCare. We were right again but we got slammed by conservatives for the 7 years we predicted it. Trump was abandoned and all we got was Keep & Tweak removal of the mandate while every other portion of the Democrat 2,600 page dream bill remains as law.

While conservative pundits and their fans loudly proclaimed Issa, Gowdy and others would bring us justice for Fast & Furious, the murder of Seth Rich, Lois Lerner IRS scandals, Benghazi, Hillary email crimes and more we warned from the start that all Republicans would put on a show then give them a free pass.

That is exactly what happened.

In 2012 we warned Romney would throw his election to Obama so we fought to get Donald Trump on the GOP ticket way back then.

For the next few following years conservatives blasted us saying Trump was a New York liberal who fooled us and wanted to run with Oprah as his running mate.

Remember all of that nonsense? Cruz was the worst liar perpetuating that talk and early in the campaigns all of the GOP media pundits agreed. That is until Trump began to gain momentum and they could not stop him.

We said 6 years ago Trump would win in a landslide and serve as a Constitutional Patriot President and because we were the lone voice saying so we took a great deal of heat from angry conservatives.

Now the world knows who Trump is and how he follows through.

Now the world has seen the GOP is not behind him. Even now after so many bold improvements from Trump the GOP is shafting us on DACA saying they need a “bi-partisan solution.”

Why? Republicans hold enough seats to deliver a Trump solution with GOP support.

When did Democrats in power ever seek a 2 party agreement? Only GOP RINOs and conservatives cave to the weaker party after voters have given them power to lead.

Here is our Constitutional Patriot prediction for 2018 midterms and this is not the report we wanted to be releasing:

Conservatives are going to be fooled into backing candidates fed to them by the establishment and right wing media cronies. Midterms are going to turn into a disaster for Trump because of it.

In the looming campaign season distraction after distraction will come from the left and conservatives will once again focus on each and every one of them as the parties manipulate the candidate selection process behind the curtains.

How do we know this? Because of history and current events. The pattern is well established and conservatives are falling right into the same trap the Democrats and establishment Republicans have been baiting them to since the early 1960’s.

Of course it will happen, you cannot point to a single piece of evidence that conservatives have learned their lesson and are now awake, aware and working to avoid repeating past mistakes.

Watch how candidates are fed to GOP voters. Media and the party have full control over the choices and voters are bending to it.

Cruz is raking in lobbyist and establishment donor dollars because he still fools gullible media trained voters.

Kelli Ward was heralded as a great conservative and received instant conservative support without proper vetting by voters. She is now in third place after falling from the lead but diehard conservatives still back her without asking the tough questions. They were told to back her so they do.

Meanwhile Sheriff Joe has stepped up to challenge her after huge sums of conservative cash flowed to Ward on orders from GOP right wing media.

If conservatives truly want to drain the swamp why are they waiting for the swamp to find their midterm candidates?

Where is the anti-swamp conservative activism?

It isn’t there. For that reason and because of the 50 year history of watching conservative voters following orders from GOP media the midterms harbor danger for President Trump.

It is one thing for voters to shake their fists and declare, “We have Trump’s back!”

It is quite another to get them actively engaged in getting him the congressional support he needs.

Congress does not back Trump now. After 2018 midterms they will try to shut him down completely.

This prediction will be proven true because there will be no change in how conservatives submit to the establishment during the critical campaign season.

Carve this prediction in stone. It will play out in an obvious series of events from now until election day.

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