There is only one reason GOP Congressmen voted to release the Fisa memo Рthey hope it will hurt Democrats in  midterms.

It has nothing to do with GOP integrity, their dedication to truth or their desire for us to know everything.

If those reasons were legit, they would tell us the truth about everything. Instead they hid things like the sex abuse payoffs with tax dollars. Twenty years and over 250 cases in both parties. They all knew. They all hid it and still do.

Many of the Republican rank and file in Congress wish the memo mess had not surfaced.

Trump is forcing this, not them.

Pay attention and you will see not one GOP Senator or Representative is talking about draining the swamp. They flourish in it.

Until Trump.

As of now Gowdy has joined 37 other congressional Republicans who are choosing to get out of DC and politics before the other shoe drops.

The good times of cashing in while screwing tax payers through incompetence and serving donors is not so good with Trump around.

Congressmen are worried about what may come out in the future and how it will expose acts tied to each.

They are getting out while the getting is good. They are not all exposed yet for guilt or looking the other way and by running now they hope to separate themselves from impending doom.

As the Bible says in Proverbs 28:1, “the guilty flee while no man pursueth.”

They aren’t running from what we know, they are running away from what they fear we will learn.

Why aren’t Democrats leaving at the same record rate? Because they know their voters are just fine electing crooks. It is GOP voters who are fooled into thinking they elect good career politicians. The Democrats know they don’t, but they simply do not care.

So here comes the memo. Why do GOP politicians fear the future? That is obvious.

The FISA memo is hinted to spill the beans and rumors indicate it will implicate bigger fish. A larger network of corruption will likely be exposed.

This goes far beyond the FBI.

Many other agencies (all) have shadow government corruption scams not yet revealed.

Consider how prosecution works. We all know those charged with serious crimes eagerly rat out others in exchange for reduced charges and lighter sentencing.

Once something like evidence from the memo turns into widespread criminal prosecutions the guilty will be singing like canaries.

No one can guess what the guilty will say or who they will implicate in desperate efforts to save themselves.

No one in DC sleeps well these days.

Thank God Trump is moving quickly. By doing so the guilty have less time to fabricate defense. When Trump moves quickly the guilty must move quickly and that leads to mistakes.

This memo may be the catalyst Constitutional Patriots have long waited for. One of these scandals is going to burst the dam.

Remember this….we have not known of this FISA/FBI debacle for long.

How many scandals are still hidden? How many departments have been scurrying to destroy evidence and cover tracks as they wait in fear watching Memogate unfold?

This double-edged sword is going to cut both ways.

The GOP has full power in DC. They are setting records with their flood of deep pocket donations yet they are running from office in record numbers?

Does this make any kind of sense unless you realize they know what may be coming?

Release the memo now and let the chips fall where they may.

We need to make sure every lead it provides is followed to conclusion.

And hopefully a lot of prison time for corrupt swamp rats.

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