Citizens need to take money out of corrupt politics. Here is how.

DC is awash in dirty money buying our government. This corruption is the root of our national ills and no one is doing anything about it.

Constitutional Patriots find that unacceptable.

Cutting the flood of dirty money to the swamp is a very high priority for us.

We continue to push hard for a new party because the two that created this mess will not fix it.

Here is an overview of the problem:

1. We have 535 Congressmen. More than 16,000 registered professional lobbyists are in DC to cut deals, promise donations, pay to play, curry favor and gain influence they can sell. This should be a crime, not a profession. Paid professional lobbying should be outlawed.

2. Congress created our campaign donation process of PACs and SuperPacs to protect the 2 major parties and provide structure for bribes disguised as campaign donations. This whole system needs to be thrown out. The rules favor the entrenched by monopolizing funding.

3. Both parties use money from their old donor networks to squeeze out newcomers from outside the establishment. Success in primaries is not supposed to be based on available cash, the parties have made it that way to protect themselves. This needs to stop immediately.

4. Ask yourself why any party needs cash beyond that for staffers. The enormous sums of cash absorbed by parties is nothing more than a slush fund to protect the power of the inner circle of bosses. It is doled out only to those who put the establishment over We the People. Parties should not be allowed to solicit cash to influence voter choices. A candidate can get donations from those who will vote for them. Anything else is dirty.

5. Donations to U.S. Senators and Representatives should only be allowed from their state constituents.

6. Corporations are not “people” as the ruling now stands. No corporation should be allowed to donate to campaigns or parties. If the people within a corporation care to contribute within limits then so be it. But the company boardroom should not. Remove that angle along with professional lobbying as mentioned above and suddenly We the People matter in the process again.

7. There should be no straight party voting. This was created by the Big 2 to keep money and influence between them. Voting ballots should not have party ID on them. If voters don’t learn who is running and what party they are with they should not vote for strangers.

8. Finally; the Federal Elections Commission {FEC) needs to be shut down. Make law in Congress and let parties and politicians answer to law enforcement as citizens must do. The 6 members of the FEC make and oversee ALL campaign and donation laws. Few voters even know who this secretive group even is. Congress granted them power to make regulations with full weight of federal law. They had no right to give unelected officials power to create law. This is SEVERELY unconstitutional. Both parties allow it and keep quiet about it because they profit by this abuse of power.

Now we need comments and ideas from our Constitutional Patriot friends.

Anyone who says we need to vote for new Democrats or Republicans to fix this is part of the problem.

Constitutional Patriots say we need to clean house and reboot our political system.

The money that fuels corruption is the place to start. Let’s roll!

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