We are now just weeks away from the first votes toward nominations. Close races bring war and the gloves are going to have to come off in the Cruz/Trump race for a win. Lets face it, everyone else has faded, others are hanging in there but only Rubio has any chance and it is not a realistic one. This has come down to Cruz vs Trump. That means Trump is a slam dunk unless the GOP drives him off with shenanigans or Trump keeps ignoring the glaring defects that have turned so many astute voters solidly against Cruz. Should Cruz wind up with the nomination count on a Romney repeat with millions of the GOP base sitting it out rather than vote for a showboat lawyer they just dont trust. The advantage tilts to Trump simply because he is Trumppeople feel they know him and they believe he will do as he says. His boldness is refreshing to voters long tired of political correctness and weak politicians afraid to just speak the truth. Cruz has a bigger hill to climb because he is devoid of charisma and lacks likeability. He seems like a lawyer turned typical stage act politician and that isnt a plus.

A Cruz win will require 2 things. 1. A major mistake from Trump and 2, Cruz to survive the Trump offense once it gets down to one on one. Trump on attack against a single opponent where winner takes all is not going to be easy to stop. Does Cruz have what it takes to withstand that force? That depends upon what The Donald hits him with. If they play snugglies with the old he says this but I say that dance around issues Cruz can hold on well and be a threat to win. If Trump gets good homework on the truth about Cruz and our Constitution then Cruz is toast and may have trouble retaining his Senate seat. The truth could ruin his career in politics. Will The Donald go for that artery?

Trump has plenty of his own problems. He can shut off a lot of voters with a blurted statement, but he seems to gain others as he does it. Nothing seems to hurt him. We all know he played both sides of a few political coins along the way but voters seem to grasp that as a businessman he had wheels to grease. They know he has changed some positions along the way but the GOP still praises Reagan who had been a prominent Democrat for years, that isnt a deal killer if Trump seems believable today.

So, what can Cruz do but keep plugging along as he is already doing, can his pitch catch fire? He can linger a long time hoping for a fatal Trump error as Bernie is doing with Hillary. What happens when he has to go hard against Trump in the final quarter and Trump comes off the ropes for a knockout? It seems like TC is already aware of that possibility, can anything else explain his obvious fear and gentle handling of all things Trump? His first revealed assault on Trump was done in a private donor meeting when he didnt think his comment would leave the room. Cruz is obviously more courageous with Trump when he thinks he is hiding from him and Americans dont like people who act friendly then insult you behind closed doors. Trump didnt forget the cheap shot either as he reminded Cruz in the CNN debate, Yes I know Ted and I know him a lot better now, dont I? That is dangerous talk from an opponent who has no fear. Shortly after that a moderator mentioned that Cruz has not attacked Trump. Donald looked at Cruz and replied, He better not attack me either. Cruz took that by hanging his head in silence.

No doubt about it, Cruz is going to have to grow something for the fight he has coming.

How would a Cruz attack on Trump shape up? No one can call Trump incompetent and a Jr. Senator who has never had a job where he ran multiple departments doesnt dare mention experience. Trump can easily demonstrate Cruz has the least amount of executive experience of all GOP candidates. All hes done is some lawyer work, served in a few political crony positions, political appointments and in academia as a Supreme Ct litigation professor then run for the Senate. From there he ran straight to a presidential bid without accomplishing anything of substance except to get some solid backing from GOP media stars and big donors. The manager of a small grocery store has more experience hiring, firing and managing employees in multiple departments. No private sector business experience, management or budget development experience, no military duty or oversight experience. Government lawyer/office jobs and a teacher. What experience does he have even close to qualifying him as the worlds most important executive? If Trump says that sounds an awful lot like Obama how can Cruz deny it or avoid the damage of the obvious similarity? Too many sharp GOP voters are already saying it. What can he use that people dont already know? Trumps whole career has been in the papers and on TV since the 80s. His skeletons are out and long buried.

The Constitution angle for Cruz is what his fans push but that is where he is most vulnerable. Is Trump even aware? After all, how often does he mention our Constitution or what is in it? He should be smart enough to have people near him to advise as needed on that front against Cruz. That may be the silver bullet he is hanging onto for later. I know every time I bring it up with a Cruz fan they either go silent or just start hurling personal insults and change the subject. I have found his media driven supporters are just as angered by discussing facts as any Obama fan is. Many of his positions as Senator leave him vulnerable too and I dont see how he could fend off Trump if they become part of the discussion

How can Cruz explain his months of support for making Obama our first Trade Dictator via the TPP/TPA mess? After all, enumerated powers in Article 1 of our Constitution grant that trade authority to Congress and he knows it. Why did Cruz work so hard to circumvent that just to scheme a historical increase in power for Obama? Many suggest Cruz was returning a favor to mega-donors with foreign trade interests. Possibly. When asked how Obama could be trusted with the expanded power Cruz said a rule was built into the bill and Obama would have to follow it. But at the same time Cruz was calling Obama a lawless President who ignores our Constitution so why would Ted expect him to honor a new minor rule in a bill? Once support for the bill was advanced Cruz switched positions in a Kerry-esque flipflop claiming to now oppose it. He was against it after he pushed for it.

Trump fought hard at his own expense to remove Obama years ago. Cruz ignores his Senate duty to attempt the same for multiple offenses. Removing Obama came up as an issue before the Obamacare scam was ever forced on us but Cruz never got involved. I could accept that as typical GOP weakness until I heard Cruz discussing it with Mark Levin. Cruz actually stated THE ONLY WAY to legally remove a sitting President is via impeachment and 2/3s of the Senate would never agree to that. This is a blatant insult to our most basic founding principles. We are Americans. We the People have a right and a duty to remove any official any time we decide to organize and demand it. Cruz knows impeachment is provided as the only route for CONGRESS to remove an Executive as part of our constitutional balance of powers. He also knows but avoids the fact the People retain that right. Two presidents have been impeached, neither was removed. When Cruz & Levin had this conversation I immediately knew both were deliberately lying to mislead trusting listeners and it disgusted me.

Here are the facts: Our original Constitution did not contain a Bill of Rights. Citizens knew about the history of corrupt parties and govt gaining lawless power so they demanded protections be added to the Constitution. Our American ancestors insisted they have the right to remove any official, any party at any time when they concluded it must be done to preserve the nation. They got us that Bill of Rights guaranteeing us all we needed including rights to protest, redress grievances, free press to aid vigilance and dissent, freedom of speech and freedom to keep and bear arms so an out of control government could never grow to threaten us. In a nutshell, any time us citizens decide to demand removal of anyone we have every right to do it without Congress. Nixon was forced out and not by congressional impeachment. The threat was there but public pressure was what did it. We can shut this nation down if we must to keep a tyrant from running amok as Cruz and the GOP have allowed Obama to do.

Trump tried and had support, but not from Cruz. We still dont know who this President is or the truth of his life story and work, it was hidden by lawyers and Cruz has not even tried to help us discover any of it. He has given Obama a complete pass. Was it because Cruz feared the birth issue looming in his own future? That is still in debate and Im already tired of it. Moving on from birth status.why does Cruz ignore obvious treason if he cares about principles and is a trustworthy constitutionalist? It is HIS duty as a Senator to address treason by the President but he refuses to.

Here are those facts and where Cruz falls far short of constitutional integrity:

All senators are required by Article 6 of our Constitution to swear an oath to support that Constitution. This is well known and Cruz swore that oath. Article 3, section 3 defines treason as giving aid and comfort to an enemy. Article 2 section 4 states that The President, Vice President and all civil officers SHALL be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason.. It does not say could be or should be, the very precise legal word of shall is used. Any student of law or history is aware of the authority behind the selection of that word. Can Cruz supporters say he wont try because he couldnt do it? Only if they share his disregard for the oath of office. Win or lose his oath demands that he raise the issue. Wise politics would be to get the issue forward and make the Democrats address it during the campaign season. Explain the crime and voters will get it. Ignoring it cannot be justified by any excuse.

What treason is Cruz ignoring? Ill bet Trump can tell you, Ted wont. While Cruz loves grandstanding and repeat performances of his claim, Obama will not utter the words radical Islamic terrorist. He himself will not utter the words guilty of treason though he has sworn an oath to do so. Why does he keep saying he is a constitutionalist? Does he hope enough voters dont know any better? Obama traded 5 dangerous terrorist leaders for an Army deserter held prisoner. He did so without customary approval from congressional leadership. Freeing dangerous foreign enemy commanders while we are still actively engaged with that enemy is giving aid to the enemy. That is textbook treason and we all know it. Cruz wont say it and sure as hell wont act on it.

Iran is an enemy of America. They assist the terrorists and fighters killing our soldiers on the battlefield for years now while involved with attacks on our allies. Obama saw to it a deal was made with them that will ensure this enemy gains nuclear weapons which endanger the entire globe. In addition the deal provides over $100 billion dollars as a gift to Iran with nothing in return for it. In this case the enemy receives both aid and comfort while still actively engaged against our soldiers in harms way. Why have treason covered in our Constitution and held as a most egregious crime only to seat Senators who ignore it for their own reasons? Our Congress has failed this nation for far too long and all deserve to be replaced, not promoted.

Recently Trump came under fire for saying he wanted to ban all muslims from coming in. He had to back off and make diplomatic allowances and call it all temporary. Not a smooth policy intro but it was well received by millions of Americans. Obama, several GOP candidates, Hillary and Sanders united to bash Trump for it. Cruz aligned himself with the Obama contingent stating the ban would be unconstitutional. That is a lie and he knows it. The 1st Amendment only says Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or free exercise thereof. Trump wasnt saying hed have Congress do it and it isnt an establishment or prohibition issue. He never said he would ban the practice of islam, that would raise constitutional issues. Muslims here would be free to continue worship etc and those we dont know who are too often arriving to infiltrate for aggression would be barred until a system to ensure safety of our homeland could be developed. Cruz sided with the liberals and deliberately twisted the words and intent of our Constitution to interfere with a political rival. That is not the behavior of an honest constitutionalist or sworn Senator and Trump can do a lot of damage when and if he chooses to expose Cruz as a repeat offender fraud on many constitutional issues.

With Cruz in real danger from truth on so many fronts how can he prevail? Well, if Trump never brings these points up Cruz can walk away clean the same way Democrats always do. The GOP talk radio media that created then promoted Cruz tirelessly since early Tea Party days will never tell the truth about their Golden Boy. They are giving him the same pass the Republicans hated liberal media for when they did the same for Obama. It looks like Cruz needs operatives to dig up something fresh on Trump or he has little to fight back with, we already know his old sins. Trump will probably go for the jugular on the spider web of Cruz donors he meets with even when it requires skipping important Senate activities. Trump hates the crony/donor/lobbyist/superpac stew that Cruz swims in with very lucrative results. Cruz can score points on Trump for his use of imminent domain in his development projects. People hate land seizures but Trump can fire back that Cruz stood with Hillary, Obama and Sanders again by siding against the Oregon ranchers who are fighting for their rights to save their ranches from intrusive renegade action by feds who are throwing them in jail and stealing their lands at will.

Where is Trump vulnerable and without defense? He never swore an oath to anything he now ignores or lies about. Cruz has put himself in a precarious position by vastly overstating his allegiance to our principles and Constitution. He has his own butt hanging in the breeze like a Cuban piƱata and Trump can swing away unscathed. I didnt even cover everything here as many readers will be well aware of but there is enough to show how tough the wars ahead can become. What facts will Trump choose to use and what undiscovered miracle dirt can Cruz find in time to save himself? Cruz has gained momentum heading into Iowa where he is now practically a resident. A large number of Iowa establishment RINOs have gotten behind him in the past month and in the last 3 weeks he has won support from Karl Rove, George Will, the very lefty Des Moines Register and CNN staffers. They are all that desperate to crush Trump but they didnt go to Jeb, did they? Not a one. They are all hailing Cruz and Trump has to face the increased onslaught of lib media backing Cruz to win in Iowa so Trump has a lot to overcome in the first real vote. Cruz is discovering some strange bedfellows as useful allies against The Donald but how far can it take him? Time will tell but if Trump loses he goes back home to business as usual. If Cruz loses he may find voters learned so much about him they just want him gone. Buy your popcorn and find your seats folks, this is going to be a show worth watching!

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