I’m so so done with conservatives nothing would take me back there.

Tell me the last time backing a “conservative” paid off.

Tell me what conservative citizens do to be effective. You can’t.

Do they organize?


Fight back? They are masters of crying about what is wrong and failures at doing anything about it.

All I see is people who talk about our rights and Constitution while sitting around hoping someone else uses them on their behalf.

Whiners and losers.

For decades. Conservatism is the worst failure in the history of American political ideologies.

They wasted 30 years trying to save the GOP and can’t even do that, who could believe they’ll ever restore our country?

Don’t tell me GW got us a tax cut. That was 2001 and donors & lobbyists wrote it adding 14,368 pages to our tax code, do YOU know what’s in it?

They sat crying for 8 years while refusing to help force out Obama who was damaging our military, the future of our families and global stability. They elect fakes who pass bills they never read while growing gov’t and increasing debt.

They fall for frauds like Cruz and Rubio and don’t bother learning the Constitution they tout but ignore.

They stay loyal to a GOP that screws them while they fight the idea of a new party. Then, as soon as their conman gets clobbered they want a new party. They won’t back a new party because our Founders said to but they will when their talk radio pimps advise it.

They have miserably failed to protect our schools, Christianity, our borders, our traditions, our rights, national integrity, our economy, our trade, our voting process, and our basic right of the People to own and control government of the People instead of crony focused career politicians.

They can’t even keep freaks from our daughter’s school restrooms.

Modern conservatism has morphed into a useless group of low-information radio star groupies who are worthless as partners in the restoration of our constitutional republic. They surrender by habit.

That is why my friends and I are Constitutional Patriots. Conservatives changed.

ConPats have not changed in more than 200 years.

Are you one of us or do you want to keep failing?

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