World history demonstrates decline of nations and societies begins gradually and later accelerates.

It also shows that recovery from decline or removal of corruption, tyranny or failed governments only happens quickly and by violent or non-violent force.

No nation has ever healed gradually from corruption.

No corrupt political party in all of world history has ever been reversed and made useful.

Liberal ideologies have destroyed many nations.

Conservative ideoligies have never once ever reversed decline and saved a nation or society.

Not once in our 2,400 yr history of conservatism and liberalism.

This is why our Founders avoided creating a liberal or conservative nation.

They created a constitutional republic for Constitutional Patriots.

Liberals and conservatives have done nothing but bring us decline. Our past 55 years prove world history is playing out again right here in America.

Our Founders gave us our Constitution so if this time came we could restore our nation quickly by using our Constitution.

No conservatives or liberals will tell you that. Most don’t even know it.

We need more Constitutional Patriots and fewer people who want to be something else.

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